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Friendship in Other Pieces
March 16, 2007, 1:35 pm
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What other books/movies deal with the theme of friendship?


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I think Holes and The Oustsiders because the both involve friendship. The friendship involves helping each other out weather its to help digging, in Holes, or help fighting, in The Outsiders. They have the same concept of friendship.

Comment by evanhouty

Harry Potter and The Outsiders are both about friendship. They show how friends can help each other when they are in need.

Comment by clgarland

All of the Harry Potter books have friendship as a theme. They show that friends are there for each other & that friendship is stronger that alot of other things.

Comment by JJspencer

I agree with Evanhouty. In the Outsiders, ponyboy helps all of his friends over come what ever obsitcles they face. In Holes the friendship is very strong and both of the stories have the same concepts of friendship in them.

Comment by trayyd

I agree with trayyd and evanhouty, Holes and The Outsiders are both very good movies/books about friendship.

Comment by taylorrr

I thin that the Outsiders is a good relationship to Mice and Men because everyone there has to take care of each other and in this book George had to take care of Lennie.

Comment by 10love

I think Outsiders relate to Of Mice and Men becasue they both have great friendships and stick together and Harry Potter becasue in the movie that have a great friendship too.

Comment by rsarah

To summarize:

Harry Potter
The Outsiders

Does anyone have another text/movie to suggest?

Comment by Miss Fowler

I think holes too because stanley and all the other kids stick together andtry to survive out in the desert.

Comment by psgeiger

I think American Pie because they show great friendship in high school. They were all there for eachother and Ms. Fowler said it was to.

Comment by psgeiger

I think that Because of Winn Dixie is a really good friendship book! I really liked it!

Comment by curlygrace13

psgeiger + curlygrace – Great suggestions!

Comment by Miss Fowler

friendship is the most important thing especally in this book. lennie would be lost with out george.

Comment by ms07

I think the show boy meets world uses friendship. They are always there for each other and they would never think otherwise.

Comment by wamanda

wamanda – Boy Meets World! That show is the best!

Comment by Miss Fowler

i think the show spongebob deffinatly deals with friendship because he hangs out with his friends and even though they might disagree there always friends in the end.

Comment by jalouis

I think that Geogre Orwell’s book Animal Farm deals with friendship because the animals united together to overthrow the humans.

Comment by ice165

I think the show Boy Meets World is a show about friendship, thats my alltime favorite show. Also That 70’s show deals with it, and the movie Thirteen and Dumb and Dumber.

Comment by kligsfosho

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books are about friendships. Also, a lot of Disney Channel shows and movies are about friendships.

Comment by laurenxxs

The book Holes has to deal with friendship and staying together.

Comment by knwilliam

I think the Harry Potter books deals with friendship because when Malfoy makes fun of Harry, Ron always sticks up for him.

Comment by emearhart

Speak deals with friendship too. In this story, Lennie is kind of an outcast because he is different, so people treat him differently. In Speak, Melinda is different, so people treat her differently as well.

Comment by 10kmiller

The book Eragon deals with friendship because it shows how Eragon and Saphira become really close and how Eragon becomes friends with people along the way like Brom, Murtaugh, and Arya

Comment by seanfl

10kmiller and seanfl – Excellent connections!

Comment by Miss Fowler

The Outsiders and UHF both show friendship. The Outsiders for fighting, and UHF for helping get a station back on the air.

Comment by nw61

The books i have read that i think relate to Mice Of Men is Holes because they all stuck togeather when anything bad happened and a movie Harry Potter because they are always showing that they care about eachother.

Comment by summers27

I think a great example of a movie that represents friendship is The Sister Hood of the TRaveling Pants because it shows how good friends really act.

Comment by jessnick1992

The outsiders deals with friendship. This is because like the different gangs in the book have to stick together and have eachothers backs if they got in trouble or something.

Comment by derrty

The color of friendship is a movie that shows friendship betwwen a white girl and a black girl. This show good friendship because the girls are both friends even though they live in the time of high racism.

Comment by fstarr

I think a great example of friendship is the harry potter books/movies. The three friends stick together throughout the entire series, and stand up for each other. The same is in George and Lennie

Comment by cghirohito

I think THE RINGER shows friendship. Steve goes to the special olympics yo help his friend Stavi get his fingers back. This shows how much he cares. When he is there Steve/Jeffy makes friends with all of the slow people and helps them out. This type of friendship is like George and Lennie.

Comment by clgarland

In the show The Boondocks , Huey and Riley help their friend out of jail by finding the real X-Box killer. That shows how they would do anything to get their friend out of jail.

Comment by clgarland

handsal and gretal ,a toy story ,the little puppy who lost her way,………

Comment by kkbruce

Where the red fern grows shows friendship between a boy and his dogs and how theyhunt with friendship.

Comment by nwantoinette

I think that A Cinderella Story shows friendship. I think this because when she really needs someone her friend is there for her when no one else is. This is how George and Lennie are.

Comment by wamanda

the movie and book Holes is a book that is big on friendship. When “caveman” takes “zero” all the way up the mountain to find water and to lift the curse on his family.

Comment by epszczolkowski

Big Fat Liar deals with friendship because he needs help setting a trap for Marty and his friend helps him.

Comment by skatergirl55

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle deals all about friendship. They are two very different people , like Lennie and George , and they help each other get to White Castle by breaking each other out of jail , etc.

Comment by clgarland

i think holes is a big one that has the friendship of George and lennie.

Comment by trayyd

I think that this film relates to the movie stad by me because the movie is about 3 kids going to find the body of the one kid’s brother that got hit by a train. And also because all three kids got to look out for each other and make sure none of them get him.

Comment by jessicaxo

the theme of friendship are similar in this book and the book speak.

Comment by timmypp

harrpotter holes and aliceand wonderland cause they all needed friends to make through the bad times

Comment by jdkeller

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