Of Mice and Men

John Steinbeck
March 16, 2007, 1:39 pm
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As we learned during a listening activity in class, John Steinbeck is known as the author of the common man. He wrote about the people he worked with, the people who did difficult jobs day after day.

If he were alive today, who do you think he would write about? Explain your answer.


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I think that he would write about the soliders in Iraq because that is the biggest thing that is going on in our wourld today.

Comment by epszczolkowski

Steinbeck would talk about the war in Iraq , terrorists , and the wrong things that Bush and Cheney keep doing. These are all of the biggest problems in America today.

Comment by clgarland

If John Steinbeck was still alive i think he would talk about the life in africa and all the children that have to go through problems and have to go through war. I think that John steinbeck would also talk about the worlds problems all together because he seems like he would care about whats going on around him.

Comment by 10love

I think he would write about the impoverished people in third world countries. I remember that he wrote about the underdogs, I think those people are tremendous underdogs when it comes down to it.

Comment by DavidOBrien722

I think steinbeck would most likely write about all the political problems in the world, dealing with war, world-hunger, etc.

Comment by busses

You have all discussed things going on in other countries of the world. They’re great topics to write about, and there are people writing about them today. If you haven’t read Persepolis yet, and you’re interested in events happening in the Middle East, it’s a great read. (It’s also very quick.) I think the fact that you’ve all mentioned Third World countries means the world has gotten “smaller” than when Steinbeck was writing.

To get back on focus – What would he write about having to do with America?

Comment by Miss Fowler

I think he would write about people that are living on the streets without a home. I think that it is a good topic for him seeing the things he writes about

Comment by billnyedascienceguy

Mr. John would talk about how kids now a days dont respect for what they have

Comment by mudisfun10

billnyedascienceguy – Kudos on figuring out how to make this bold! I also think you’re right – there are a lot of people on the streets in America, moving around all the time. I bet he’d have a lot to say.

mudisfun – Why would that be a good topic for him to write about?

Comment by Miss Fowler

i agree with epszczolkowski. I think he would probably wright about the soliders.

Comment by curlygrace13

I think Steinbeck would write about hardships between a certain group of people today. He likes to voice his opinions, and let others know about what their fellow people are going through, and how they should be treated. Maybe if he were alive today he would talk about people in the war.

Comment by 10kmiller

i think he would write about a common persons life mine or yours to show us what the common people go through.

Comment by doplato

I agree with epszczolkowski. I mean a soldier’s life isn’t exactly the greatest. Plus not many people know exactly what a soldier’s life is really like.

Comment by skatergirl55

I think that Steinback would write about people that are suffering in our economy. It is a major issue and I think he would want to help it.

Comment by wamanda

I think he would write about working mothers that work all day and then come home and take care of their families. They do not get the credit they deserve.

Comment by ice165

I think that Steinbeck would write about politics, a lot about the war and the poverty in Africa. I think he would write about how our generation is living too fast, dying too young. He would voice his opinioins about everything going on, and probably make some great reads. Maybe even a movie.

Comment by kligsfosho

If John Steinbeck were alive today i think that he would write about the war, and the children that are suffering in all those poor countries. Beucase it seems intresting and just something that he would write about.

Comment by knwilliam

I think John Steinbeck would write about racism and how even though the laws don’t show that it still exists, it is part of people’s everyday lives.

Comment by laurenxxs

If John Steinbeck were around i think he would write about the middle east, or possibly the children in Yugonda. It’s very difficult to be living in both places so maybe he would write about it to give people a better look at these places.

Comment by gdpeter

John Steinbeck would write about people who are unfortunate. He would also write about people who do not appreciate what we have and people who don’t take things for granted. He would write about this because he appreciates people who are very hard working.

Comment by emearhart

kligsfosho – I think your ideas are great. It would be interesting to see what he’d do with your generation.

laurenxxs – Great point!

emearhart – Excellent point about Steinbeck’s appreciation for the people who work hard so that others can survive!

Comment by Miss Fowler

If steinbeck was living today then i think he would write ab out people dealing with drug and drinking problems.Holla at you Miss. Fowler

Comment by psgeiger

Holla back, Paul.

Comment by Miss Fowler

I think if Steinback was alive today, he would wite about all the problems with drugs and alchol. I also think he would write some stuff about the War in Iraq.

Comment by jessnick1992

Jphn would probably talk about the incident at virginia tech. School shootings have become a major problem in our country and he would let the public know what he thought about these tragic events.

Comment by clgarland

I think he would write about people in the war today. Like the US soldiers

Comment by rachypachy

I think if John Steinback were alive today i think he would write about similar tradics that are happening today like homeless people the school shootings and about wars that are happening.

Comment by jessicaxo

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