Of Mice and Men

March 25, 2007, 2:25 am
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“Dreams can inspire us and give us hope for a better tomorrow even if they seem impossible to achieve.”

How does this quote apply to what we know of George and Lennie so far?



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This quote applies to George and Lennie because they are also dreamers. They are traveling out on their own with no place to go, and nothing to look forward to except their dreams, and even if they are impossible, they still beleive. That is all they have, to believe.

Comment by Kara

Yea. I agree with Kara. If there are no dreams, there is no reason to live.

Comment by klumpy

I think dreams are what keep people going. There are like goals and if you set goals achivable or not it what keeps you going. That’s why dreams are so important. Lennie and GEorge are big dreamers George wants a farm of his own and Lennie wants rabbits. They both have goal to achive dreams to come true even if nothing happens they still will have something to live by.

Comment by doplato

Good comments so far, but why are these dreams impossible to achieve?

Comment by Miss Fowler

These dreams are impossible to achieve because George and Lennie have no money, no place to stay, and hardly any food. Plus they are both uneducated, and Lennie can’t do anything right.

Comment by kligsfosho

I also agree with Kara and Klumpy, if you have no dreams there’s nothing for you to look forward to.

Comment by taylorrr

This quote applies to what we know of George and Lennie so far by, they are tramps, but they both have hope for a better future. George pushes Lennie and himself to achieve success.

Comment by adesi

The dreams for Lennie and George are impossible to achive because they have no where to go. They have no money and eating off of beans. i dont think there dreams will be achived.

Comment by evanhouty

I think this quote applys to George and Lennie so far because both of them dream of a better life, than roaming everywhere without a home and not much food. They also dream of someday having a family and friends to care about them (besides their own companionship). Although Lennie and George don’t have much at this point, with their hopes and trying their best, they will make their dreams come true.

Comment by Anonymous

This qoute does apply to George and Lennie because they have dreams. They want to own there own fram and have a full fillinng life and Lennie can have his rabbits.

Comment by jktubman

This quote applies to George and Lenny because they are thinking of a better life than they have now and they might use their dreams as a motivation. Even though their dreams are farfetched they always something to work towards.

Comment by rsborn

I think taht this quote applies to george and Lennie because George has to take care of Lennie and there poor so they dont have alot to live off of. Also Sence Lennie isnt that up to date, its harder for George to find a good paying job for both of them to work at, so if they look forwod to there dreams and tell themselfs that they can actually do it they might get somewhere and get a job.

Comment by 10love

A dream is what you base your life on if you want to do something you will work for it all your life to become it.

Comment by mudisfun10

This quote is like George and Lennies dream of having their own farm. That is impossible becasue they have no money, but they dream big

Comment by rsarah

Most dreams people have we can consider “impossible” or “tough to reach” but that’s why they’re called dreams, for us to look forward to and have hope for. George and Lennie want a farm and a better life, I know i wouldn’t enjoy having move and travel from place to place like a tramp. But no matter how bad life gets George and Lennie just think of how great their lifes will be when they do fulfill their dream of having a farm, it’s that little piece of hope that keeps them going.

Comment by DavidOBrien722

This applys to Lennie because he dreams everyday that he can keep his mouse and have the courage to stand up to George and have a better dayy.

Comment by Derrty

I think that you need dreams in life.I believe you need them to live if you dont then your life is boring and there is no reason to like live in life.

Comment by psgeiger

“Dreams can inspire us and give us hope for a better tomorrow even if they seem impossible to achieve.” applys to what we know of George and Lennie so far by there dreams inspire them & give them hope of not being like all other migrant workers. There dream is imposibile to achive because of Lennies disability, his disabiliy keeps them from keeping a job. With out a job they would be excalty the oppsoite of what they are dreaming about.

Comment by jjspencer

Dreams are a big part of life. They help ypu keep going in lie and they give you something to acheive. Lennie wants a Farm with George someday and that motivates him.

Comment by clgarland

Sometimes your dreams can keep you going. Even when you are “down in the dumps” it gives you something to remember as a reason to keep going. Without dreams life might not seem worth living.

Comment by curlygrace13

Nice comments about dreams!

All – Do you think money will stop them from making their dreams come true?

Comment by Miss Fowler

the quote reminds me of lennie and georges dream to own a farm to tend the rabbits.

Comment by ms07

Miss Fowler- I don’t think that money will stop them from making their dreams come true. If you want something bad enough you will find a way to achieve it.

Comment by Jacquiem

JacquieM – Ok, ok. What does one need to make his/her dreams come true, then?

Comment by Miss Fowler

Lennie and George have plans for themselves to settle down, be rich and have good lives. I do think that money is what all their dreams need to come true though, and that’s why their dreams may not be realistic

Comment by laurenxxs

In a way i think money will effect there dreams for the simple reason of they want a house and eventually might want to start there own ranch if they buy land.

Comment by jessnick1992

it says that there whole reason for working that hard is so they buy that little house and get the rabbit for lennie

Comment by kkbruce

This relates to George and Lennie because they are always dreaming about how their lives are going to be better and always push to work hard at what they are currently doing.

Comment by wamanda

even though that it seems almost impossible for them to get their own farm that is what gets them threw the day.

Comment by ms07

Hope gives Lennie and George the push to keep going and get their dream acomplished.

Comment by timmypp

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