Of Mice and Men

George and Lennie as Ladies
March 25, 2007, 2:17 am
Filed under: Chapter 1

How would the story change if George and Lennie were girls instead? As you think about this question, view the video below. Respond by commenting once you’ve watched the class project for Chapter 1.


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I think it would be weird if george and lennie were girls cuz they wouldn’t take the same role as george and lennie as guys.

Comment by billnyedascienceguy

if seemed weird that in this they were kids, because in the book they were older.

Comment by Katie

Katie – Interesting! The gender of the actors didn’t matter as much to you as the age? I hadn’t even thought about that!

Comment by Miss Fowler

I’m not sure if they would be as willing to go out and jump from place to place trying to find a farming job.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

I really dont think that anything would really change exepet for they might fight a little more just because thats what girls are like. I also think that it would be easer for them to get jobs because they are girls.

Comment by swgama

I think that if they were girls it would be harder for them to get a job because I think that in that time only men really got the jobs.

Comment by Jacquiem

swgama – Would it be easier for women to get jobs during the depression? Remember the time period we’re talking about here!

Comment by Miss Fowler

The story wouldn’t change a whole lot if Lenny and George were girls. The attitude of the characters is still the same. I think the clip showed this.

Comment by rsborn

Lennie and George didn’t seem to make much of a difference so their personalities were the same.

Comment by nwantoinette

The girls were like 10 and it was weird that they were swearing because their voices sounded so little. But girls in the story would realate in now a days, a lot of kids don’t have homes or parents now but back then it wouldn’t girls just cooked

Comment by mudisfun10

I think it would be harder for the girls to get thye jod and they were also younger than Lennie and George

Comment by rsarah

mudisfun – THANK YOU! Girls would not have been working on the ranch during the Depression. 🙂

Comment by Miss Fowler

I dont think that the girls can be working on anything durning the depression.

Comment by janisd

janisd – Thanks for the support!

Comment by Miss Fowler

That would be one messed up movie!

Comment by clgarland

clgarland – “That would be one messed up movie!” – How so?

Comment by Miss Fowler

I think it would be very different if they were girls just comparing it to how different males and females are treated. If they were females the relationships with their co-workers would also be very different.

Comment by jessnick1992

Miss Fowler (and students) – First, wonderful blog! The questions and answers posted here are full of insight. As for the female version of George and Lennie, could such a thing be possible in Steinbeck’s novella? In other words, would the female versions of George and Lennie have names?

Comment by skotnicki

I think that if they were girls they wouldn’t be taken seriously on the ranch.

Comment by skatergirl55

Girls would be more sissy on the ranch and not as strong. there would be mroe drama i bet though!

Comment by rachypachy

if they were girls i dont think they would spend there days working on a farm.

Comment by sortisio92

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