Of Mice and Men

George, Lennie, and Water
March 25, 2007, 1:01 am
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As the two men approach the water, Lennie rushes to it face-first. What does this indicate about his character?

But wait, George quickly tells Lennie to stop drinking the water because he realizes that it’s not running, and that it can’t be good to drink. What does this tell us about his character?

George and Lennie


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This shows us that Lennie doesn’t mind what hes drinking or all the bacteria in it, or what a slob he looks like. We already see that George likes to pick on Lennie’s faults and although he knows Lennie is a little bit slower, he is still really tough on him and tends to hurt his feelings.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

I agree with blueyedbabiix022 in that Lennie really doesn’t care but I also think that it is saying that
George is really careful about things like that

Comment by cghirohito

cghirohito – Great point – George does seem to be a little more cautious than Lennie.

Comment by Miss Fowler

I don’t think that Lennie doesn’t care so much as it is he doesn’t know. Even if George tells him not to he might forget because we already learned that he has memory problems. As for George I think he learned to be more cautious because he has to watch Lennie all the time and make sure nothing really happens to him.

Comment by Jacquiem

I think it shows that Lennie does not know better and or could care less about if the water was clean or not. Also that George is more careful & is like a father or older brother to Lennie.

Comment by JJspencer

I agree with all of these statements. I think that George is protecting Lennie and he is like an older brother towards him. Lennie needs to help since he is a little bit slower but I think George shouldn’t be as harsh.

Comment by wamanda

i agree with what everyone else is saying.I think that george needs to back off a little bit and give lennie some freedom. I think that George is a little too over protective.

Comment by trayyd

I think Lennie is a little slow and that he needs George so he doesn’t get in trouble or hurt himself badly.

Comment by jktubman

George was brought up and taught not to do stuff but i think since every one knew lennie was slow know one bothered to teach him which was wrong and made lennie even worse

Comment by mudisfun10

Lennie is the type of person who is care free and dosent mind drinking dirty water. George on the other hand is the exact opposite. He is very protective of Lennie and yells at him everytime he does something wrong.

Comment by kaitlinx0

George has to look out for Lennie, he feels he’s responsible for him. Lennie isn’t the smartest person, and sometimes doesn’t think things thoroughly.

Comment by DavidOBrien722

Lennie shows me that he doesn’t think before he does things becuase he started drinking dirty water and also that George has to look out for him . It seems like George has to help Lenny not do stupid things.

Comment by emearhart

I believe that Lennie realy isn’t that cautious, but George is. I think this because Lennie was drinking he dirty water and George wouldn’t.

Comment by fraglerock

I think that george means well but often comes off really hard. I think that is george really hated lennie that much he wold have left him a long time ago. I think George’s soft spot for Lennie is hidden real well. George needs lennie and lennie needs george!

Comment by curlygrace13

I think it shows that Lennie is very careless but has George to watch out for him.

Comment by taylorrr

All – Can you think of another movie where someone who is “different” than others has someone to watch out for him/her?

Comment by Miss Fowler

I think lennie dosent know better and he like really dosent care if it is good or bad. It is just water

Comment by psgeiger

This tells us that Lennie has no manners, and must have been really thirsty. This also tells us that George cares for Lennie’s safety.

Comment by nw61

I think Lennie doesnt care about what he drinks or how big of a slob he looks like. And George’s character is shown as being the boss who commands Lennie what to do, almost as if he were his Dad.

Comment by jessnick1992

Lennie doesn’t know right from wrong, and he doesn’t care what he drinks so he just drinks it down.

George is demanding but protective over Lennie

Comment by rachypachy

This tells me that when Lennie is thirty he’ll drink anything because he really doesn’t know right from wrong but when it comes to George he is really protective of Lennie and yells at him alot and also the water wasn’t running it was still and he didn’t want lennie to get sick.

Comment by jessicaxo

this shows lennie is not very smart or cautious.

and it shows how cautious george is,and how he wants to take care of lennie.

Comment by sortisio92

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