Of Mice and Men

March 25, 2007, 2:16 am
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What do you think of the language in Of Mice and Men? Do you see a purpose for the vulgarity? Would the characters’ personalities be different if they did not use that language, and if so, how?


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i belive it gives us a better idea of what they are like

Comment by klumpy

klumpy – How?

Comment by Miss Fowler

i think that it shows that they were uneducated workers therefore had a poor vocabulary.

Comment by Katie

I think that the language in the story has a purpose. I think the purpose is that it adds a certain tone to the book, it gives you and idea of what George’s personality is like. I think you wouldn’t be able to see how angry George got at Lennie without the vulgarity.

Comment by kligsfosho

I think that all of the bad language is unnecessiary. Yes i understand that these men are uneducated and are used to saying trashy words like these, but theres a difference between mentioning vulgartity once in a while to prove a point or add humor and constantly reading swearing from these characters.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

I think that you don’t really need all the bad language. I don’t really think that there is a purpose for it either. I think that their personalities would be different becuase it makes them them, and without it they would be more well mannored people and thats not who they are.

Comment by knwilliam

I think that the language is just a symbol for the education that they’ve had. They haven’t had much of an education so they say vulgar words to get their feelings across to another person

Comment by laurenxxs

i agree with knwilliam. i guess it is all about knowing who they are and knowing there personalities. There slang makes them who they are, and it is more intresting to hear how they talk.

Comment by trayyd

The language used in “Of Mice and Men” is appropriate for 1930’s. But, I don’t see a purpose for th vulgarity. I realize that George gets frustrated with Lennie but, I don’t agree with it. They’re characters would be different if they didn’t use that language because it shows how they feel about a subject on a more personal level.

Comment by adesi

I think that the swearing is not that bad because we all hear/use it everyday. At some points I think that there is a pupose for the vulgarity because they are not that educated and they have been around it all there lives. No because they can still show anger other ways than swearing.

Comment by swgama

kligs – “I think you wouldn’t be able to see how angry George got at Lennie without the vulgarity.” – How is anger able to be shown without vulgarity?

swgama – I’d have to disagree with you. Many people use it everyday, but there are others who, as you said, have grown up around it and carry on that tradition. I think you’re right – our language is a product of what we’ve grown up with. Also, what other ways can you show anger without swearing?

Comment by Miss Fowler

I agree with Miss Fowler. Without swearing , how could we show our anger ? The time period the book is based in was filled with vulgar language. The swearing helps set the setting , tone , and , mood. It is also funny!

Comment by clgarland

I dont think there is a purpose for all of the vulgarity because it can offend many people in differnt ways.

Comment by kellimccay10

The language in this book is a bit much. Some times it just gets too repetitive but hey, if you have to use it to show the persons character and education level go for it!

Comment by gdpeter

I think the language isnt that bad but maybe the author wanted to have them to talk like that to maybe describe there character a little.

Comment by jalouis

I don’t think there is a need for swear words, like kellimccay10 said. But sometimes, you need to use them to express the way you’re feeling.

Comment by taylorrr

The langugage is a little much. I don’t think it sounds very good to have George swearing at Lennie, on the fact that he is handicapped. There are other words that you could use instead of swear words.

The characters personalities would be different because the language is part of their personality.

Comment by rsborn

I think that the language in the book is nessary. Its necessary because it helps shows how lennie and George are living and the way of life there in. The personalities would be diffrent because if they didnt talk that way they just wouldnt be who they are. ther language is who they are and what they act like.

Comment by 10love

“The langugage is a little much. I don’t think it sounds very good to have George swearing at Lennie, on the fact that he is handicapped” – rsbom

Is it wrong to swear at people with diabilities? Oh! I have an idea for a new post!

Comment by Miss Fowler

I think the language in here is fine.The language gives the personality to these characters.These people are grown men they could talk and swear all they want.

Comment by psgeiger

I think most the the language is okay because it describes realistially how migrant worker probably would of talked. But I know if this book was made in the 21st century they would probably not use certain words because they would be considered bad to others races and religions right now.

Comment by nb14

the language is from livin on the streets and if they didnt swear the boys wouldnt be as tough

Comment by mudisfun10

the language is apropreate for the book expecially concidering were George and Lennie came from.

Comment by epszczolkowski

The language is understandable for this period of time and setting of the story, but what i have always wondered is, is it nessesary to the actual book. Does it add anything? WIthout it would it be taking something away? DOes it say anything about the way the author thinks?
mudisfun10– does profanity make you tough?

Comment by curlygrace13

curlygrace13 – Excellent questions! I’m going to bow out for a little while to see if anyone else has thoughts…

Comment by Miss Fowler

I think that there is no need for swearing i thnk they can get the same picture across, without such vulgarity.

Comment by fraglerock

I still feel the language is appropriate but it is wrong to swear at someone who is handicapped. It’s not their fault.

Comment by clgarland

I think the language is only used for the author’s intention. It gives a person a sense of the tone of the story. While it isn’t very nice, it gets the reader to understand the feelings in the story.

Comment by 10kmiller

I think the language suits the people. They are tramps who have had a hard life and the vulgarity shows us that they have had a hard life.

Comment by Jacquiem

10kmiller – “It gives a person a sense of the tone of the story.” – What is the tone in the story?

Jacquiem – “the vulgarity shows us that they have had a hard life.” – Well said! What else shows they’ve had a hard life?

Comment by Miss Fowler

The language in Mice of Men seems to be very uneducated. I think that it is alright to use vulgarity because that is how people talked back then. Their personalities would changed because if there was no swearing it would seem like George is nice to Lennie when he isn’t really all the time.

Comment by emearhart

I think that some words could have been emitted from the story such as the “n” word. I had a discussion with one of my teacher,though,and back then you didn’t see that as a bad word, it was what you called african americans. Times have reall changed. Maybe the other vulgarity does show how rough the tramp workers have lived, the live rough so they talk rough. The characters might sound more intelligent if they didn’t use so much vulgarity, but then again education wasn’t completely available to everyone back then.

Comment by DavidOBrien722

The language shows that they are uneducated and dont have wide vocabulary.

Comment by FSTARR

i think that yes, the vulgarity is necessary because it fits their angry side which happens to come out a lot. Without it, i dont think it would be much of a story

Comment by cghirohito

The vulgarity is always necessary. It sets the storys mood and setting.

Comment by clgarland

i think that the vulgarity is kind of necessary beause it shows how mad George gets sometimes.

Comment by derrty

I think the language shows the poor education of the characters. But like clgarland said, the language does somewhat set the mood of the story.

Comment by jessnick1992

i beleve that the language in the story has a purpose. It shows that they are uneducated.

Comment by ms07

I think this language just shows that this is how men talked during this time period and they were not very educated.

Comment by wamanda

The language seems like they have a southern accent

Comment by mudisfun10

I think there language describes there personality and how educated they are.

Comment by trayyd

the language is slang and uneducated in this story.

Comment by timmypp

i thnk the language in this isnt offensive or anything like that

it just represents the time period when the book was written

Comment by meenoura

it shows that most people didnt go to school

Comment by jdkeller

i think it fits the story well that is how people talked like that back then and that was acceptible

Comment by apeters

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