Of Mice and Men

Lennie and Mice
March 25, 2007, 1:06 am
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Mouse in hands.

In Chapter 1, we find out that Lennie has an appreciation for petting mice. What was your reaction to the information associated with this quality?


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Lennie likes mice and when he seen one on the side of the road, hewanted it. And eventually killed it by petting it to hard.

Comment by Katie

Well i found petting mice very strange right off the bat, but it was distubing to know that he pet the mice too hard and killed them, but by introducing us to this in the book I think the author is trying to get his point across that Lennie is slow. Even when George takes the mouse away from him he would still go looking for it meaning that he like petting soft thing dead or alive, and he didn’t know right from wrong.

Comment by doplato

doplato – “he didn’t know right from wrong” – This is a GREAT point! I hope you continue to watch for evidence of this as we read the rest of the novella.

Comment by Miss Fowler

I think that it was nice to see that Lennie has a really kind heart and underneath the big body and slow mind, he loves animals. This could also be related to his care for his best friend George.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

I think Lennie is a care liking guy that just wants a pet and also wants something that he can raise himself.

Comment by Derrty

Lennie always ends up killing the mice. It’s sad since if he knew better he would be so kind and gentle.

Comment by wamanda

Derrty – I think you’ve made a good point. It seems as though Lennie is looking to have something to call his own. As a tramp, I bet he’s never really had anything to care for.

Comment by Miss Fowler

I think that Lennie likes the feel of the fur because of how soft it is. My first reaction was that it was really gross who wants to pet a dead mouse but if you think about it Lennie and George are tramps and they can’t have a real pet.

Comment by Jacquiem

I thought it was really weird, and coming from me thats bad. Anyways, my reaction to this was kind of weird. I thought it was kind of cool because they cant get anyother pet so a mouse was a good idea for Lennie. Also people have mice for pets no and days so i dont see a difference.

Comment by evanhouty

Lennie doesnt realize his strength for petiing the mouse and I feel bad for him and I feel like that was his only friend.

Comment by kellimccay10

i find it odd that he like to pet mice but it also shows that just because someone is big and slow there is no reason for them not to have a nice careing side, like Lennie. Also i relized that the fact with Lennie & mice is like what the title is saying, “Of Mice & Men”.

Comment by JJspencer

I think that Lennie looks at the mice for comfort and as a friend. He can confide in the mouse and tell it things that he can’t tell George.

Comment by Anonymous

I think that Lennie looks at the mice as a friend and pets it for comfort. I also thinkthat he tells the mice things that he can’t tell George and he confides in it.

Comment by Anonymous

I think the reason he likes the mice beacause he likes soft things and doesnt realize how hard he pets them and kills them on accident

Comment by jalouis

My reaction to Lennie petting a mouse was is this guy okay. But later in the story I found out that he liked petting soft things and he doesn’t know his own strenght so I felt bad.

Comment by jktubman

I thought it was a little strange how he likes to pet mice….i feel kind of bad that he crushes them though. I was a little shocked to find out that its a regular thing. Maybe he should find something soft but not alive so he wont kill anymore mice.

Comment by gdpeter

It made me think lennie wants to be a veternarian and that he doesn’t mean to kill them but they are just to small.

Comment by nwantoinette

Lennie thinks of petting a mouse as watching tv for us it is a way to pass time and unwind, he is just homeless and has no other way to have fun with bossy george

Comment by mudisfun10

I think its wierd that Lennie wants to pet a dead mouse, and that he kills him even know he doesnt want to.

Comment by rsarah

I think that it was wierd but also showed another side to Lennie. It was wierd because to me mice are gross and I don’t know why someone would want to do that, but it also shows the caring side of Lennie.

Comment by knwilliam

Lennie’s obsession with mice seemed wierd to me. I think that mice are not something people should like because they are just a nuisance. It’s even wierder to me that he likes dead mice because most people don’t like dead things.

Comment by emearhart

I thought at first that it was kind of weird that Lennie held on to dead mice, but once i found out a little more about him it was a little easier to understand why he held on to dead mice

Comment by seanfl

I found Lennie as kind hearted, but naive. I also agree with doplato. Lennie really doesn’t know any better. He also likes to be comforted, like how he asks George to tell the story about their farm, it comforts him, as do the mice.

Comment by DavidOBrien722

I think that if Lennie has a pet mouse or something like that it would keep his mind off of somethings and keep his mind on the mouse.

Comment by jsisabella

I think that if Lennie has a pet mouse or something like that it would keep his mind off of somethings and keep his mind on the mouse.

Comment by summers27

I think that the fact of Lennie “petting” mice is weird. But also it really isnt his fault for killing the mic. I think that even though he kills them . . . he should still be able to keep them.

Comment by billnyedascienceguy

I kinda thought that he had something wrong with him when he killed the mouse by petting him.

Comment by janisd

well janisd i dont think he killed by just petting it I think he kept it in his pocket for to long.

Comment by epszczolkowski

epszczolkowski – George did say “You broke it pettin’ it”

Comment by Miss Fowler

At first it seemed weird that Lennie liked to pet mice, but obviously it makes him feel confortable and gives him a seinse of peace. I think George should just let him have the mouse.

Comment by 10kmiller

My reaction to this is that I can’t believe Lennie keeps mice in his pockets.

Comment by nw61

I think that the author is trying to get his point across by telling us that Lennies slow. Talking about how he killed the mice tells you that he must have problems because normally, problems like this don’t normally happend.

Comment by jessnick1992

i think lennie is a care lkeing guy that just wants a pet so he can raise it himself

Comment by derrty

It shows me he likes animals and likes to pet soft things.

Comment by rachypachy

we find out that lennie likes mice because his aunt clara gave him them and he would pet them.

Comment by ms07

I find that Lennie likes mice and he loves to pet them.

Comment by rwpollock

i thought it was very wered.but i relized he is like a kid ina large mans body,but i also relized a appreciation he has with animals

Comment by sortisio92

Lennie likes soft things and he isnt aware of his own strength so sometime he accidently kills them

Comment by apeters

[…] I am now scheduling my return trips home based around these drugged-cat washing schedules, so that I may pet him to my heart’s content. Roofied cat petting fantasies aside, these kitty raves are setting my […]

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