Of Mice and Men

Lennie as a Symbol
March 25, 2007, 2:23 am
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What might Lennie be a symbol for in the greater world? What qualities does he represent?


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Lennie is an example of all those with problems or that are slow. He shows us it isn’t easy being they way he is and how other people deal with their wrong doings.

Comment by doplato

Lennie represents how a grown man can put use to being slow. He has childish qualities and is the gentle one between him and George.

Comment by clgarland

Lennie can be considered a symbol as slow and never remembers things he has bad memory loss. He represnts who doesnt care but he just doesnt know how to express hiself.

Comment by kellimccay10

lennie is a good example of the kind of people who are not soo normal and have more problems then noral people have. but yet lennie is always happy and some people arent even tho they dont have to worry about anything

Comment by proxballa

Lennie could represent people with challanges in life that take them and turn them into something positive. For example, Lennie obviously is challenged but is a great friend to George and is there for him. Lennie is also very caring and a loving person.

Comment by gdpeter

Lennie represts that no matter how smart, if you have a disibilty or big your are there is always a loving, caring side to you. What I mean is that no matter how many negative things there are about you there is always something postive there & that 1 thing is greater & more powerful then ALL of the negative things.

Comment by jjspencer

I think Lennie represents INDEPENDENCE because even though he has a disability he is still his own person; even though sometimes George needs to guide him.

Comment by taylorrr

gdpeter – I like the idea of challenge. What types of challenges does Lennie face? What challenges does George face?

jjspencer – Staying positive is important. Well done!

Comment by Miss Fowler

I think Lennie represents strength because he is able to cope with his disability and go on with his life. He also represents a good friend and a nice person because he is able to have a good relationship with George and is able to respect and listen to him.

Comment by nb14

Lennie faces the challanges of being mentally disabled.

Georges challanges are to deal with Lennie, and to take care of him.

Comment by gdpeter

I think Lennie represents any person who has been pushed around or actually everyone who feels they aren’t able to do something. Lennie is kind but ignorant sometimes, he doesn’t know better. I think Lennie is a genuine person, but doesn’t really know how to show it.

Comment by DavidOBrien722

Lennie represents the qualities of a person who is trying to just live normal in the world even though he had a mental handicap.

Comment by seanfl

In the outside word Lennie represents mental dissabled people. Hes not bale to work by himself or else he will get into some kind fo trouble.

Comment by 10love

I think that Lennie represents people in the world who struggle with a disabilitiy. I think that reading this story can remind people to not belittle or be rude to people who are challenged. I think that disabled or mentally challenged people have a lot to offer. Look at Lennie he is a hard worker but all he needed is a CHANCE!

Comment by curlygrace13

I think he represents people who have disabilities like Lennie. I think he represents that all though people like him afre very different, you still have to treat them as a person no matter what they look like, or what they do.

Comment by jessnick1992

lennie represents mentally disabled people and he represents the qualitys of people that are hadicaped dont really mean what they do sometimes

Comment by apeters

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