Of Mice and Men

Lennie’s Handicap
March 25, 2007, 2:07 am
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At this point, you should understand that Lennie is mentally handicap and George has assumed responsibility for caring for him. Imagine how difficult it would be to care for a disabled person if you were forced to keep moving from place to place in order to live. We’ve role-played this situation. Comment on your experiences there and how they connect to Lennie and George.

Why is their relationship worthwhile to each man?

George and Lennie


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Because if George was alone he would be sad and depressed. Also if Lennie was alone he would have trouble finding were to go and how to live.

Comment by evanhouty

evanhouty – Do you think either man would be able to find someone else to hang out with if the twosome where to be split up?

Comment by Miss Fowler

if george was alone, i think he’d miss lennie and regret leaving him

Comment by Katie

Katie – Your comment reminded me of the part in chapter 1 when George gets angry at Lennie for being forgetful but feels bad when he realizes how much he’s hurt Lennie.

Comment by Miss Fowler

They need each other to live. I think this picture shows how they depend on each other

Comment by wamanda

I think george shows that he doesnt need lennie but deep down he need lennie and lennie needs him. This picture shows it.

Comment by Anonymous

I think george shows that he doesnt need lennie but deep down he need lennie and lennie needs him. This picture shows it.

Comment by jalouis

I think george shows that he doesnt need lennie but deep down he need lennie and lennie needs him. This picture shows it..

Comment by jalouis

They’re relationship is worth while for each man because George has someone to care for and Lennie feels wanted. I have not had any personal experiences with anyone with a disability.

Comment by adesi

I think George is really nice to take care of Lennie and that they’ve developed a close relationship. They rely on each other to survive. I don’t think that I would ever be able to be in George’s position because I dont have that much patience

Comment by laurenxxs

laurenxxs – Good point. George really does have to have a lot of patience.

Comment by Miss Fowler

thats right patience is always the key when it comes to situations like this one with lenny & george. Also george is a person sometimes were if you rub him the wrong way he will get mad at you.

Comment by epszczolkowski

Thier relationship is worth while becuase with out it Lennie would not have someone to care for him. Also they would be lonley & excatley like all other migrant workers

Comment by JJspencer

I think they need eachother to survive; Lennie wouldn’t know how to live or act without George, and George would be very bored without Lennie.

Comment by taylorrr

It would be really hard to take care of a disabled person. If i ha the choice to, i owuldnt want to but if i had to, i’d try my hardest.

Comment by fraglerock

if it wernt for george than lennie would be lost. george helps lennie remember all the things he needs too.

Comment by ms07

Great thoughts, everyone! 🙂

Comment by Miss Fowler

They need each other. If Lennie had no George , then he probably would waste his life in a cave like he said. George needs Lennie to keep him company.

Comment by clgarland

I think that George has a lot of patience, and even though sometimes he acts like a jerk to Lennie, he would really be nowhere without him. And without George, Lennie would be lost. Their relationship is mutual, they both need each other.

Comment by kligsfosho

I think George needs Lennie.. Infact i think that they need eachother. They have a strong relationship with eachother.

Comment by trayyd

It would be hard to take care of someone disabled 24/7. You would always have to put them first, and not be able to take much time for yourself.

Comment by 10kmiller

It takes someone with a lot of patience to care for someone with a disability. Imagine what Lennie might do if he did not have George.

Comment by curlygrace13

I think George is really nice to take care of Lennie and to have all the patience that he has for Lennie. And you also have to imagine what Lennie would be like if he didnt have anyone like George to take care of him.

Comment by jessnick1992

Even thoe George may seem mean to Lennie sometimes, think about how much he does for him, and what it must be like to have to take care of someone else besides yourself 24/7. You can tell that George cares for Lennie a lot, and always looks out for him.

Comment by 10kmiller

My cousin can’t learn thingsvery easy so it is hard for her to remember things she learns.

Comment by nwantoinette

If George was alone he woden’t stop woring about Lennie.

Comment by rwpollock

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