Of Mice and Men

Trouble in Weed
March 25, 2007, 1:08 am
Filed under: Chapter 1, Characters

The last farm George and Lennie worked at was located north of the Salinas Valley in Weed, California. In chapter 1, we find out why they left that ranch.

  • What happened?
  • What does this tell us about Lennie’s character?
  • What was your reaction to this incident?

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he grabed some chicks dress and held on and she screamed

Comment by klumpy

klumpy – Who is “some chick” and why did Lennie get in trouble?

Comment by Miss Fowler

I think that George tries to get the two into as many jobs as he can but they must find themselves in allot of tough situations because of the fact that Lennie is a little bit slower and for instance, tries grabbing a little girls dress. I feel bad for George and that he has to put up with Lennie but it’s also out of Lennie’s control.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

What does he offer to do?

Comment by Kieran Kiel

George should get alot of credit for finding both of them jobs. It has to be hard to find a job that Lennie can work at since he is a little bit slower. But I feel bad because Lennie felt the girls dress but he only did it because he likes the texture. I don’t think that they should have even got fired for that because they should know Lennie’s conditions and intentions.

Comment by wamanda

Lennie touched a girls dress aand wouldn’t let go and this makes me think he likes how it felt but it made me feel like Lennie was not smart.

Comment by nwantoinette

We find out that George and lennie were working at a farm in California and that Lennie is slow mentally and likes soft things.He touched a girls dress that was very soft and everyoe thought he wasnt just touching it because it was soft so George and Lennie had to leave. If i was George, i would feel bad for Lennie because he dosent know any better

Comment by seanfl

“he dosent know any better” – seanfl – I think you’re right. I wonder if he’ll make any other decisions because he doesn’t know any better.

Comment by Miss Fowler

I think that it was weird for Lennie to hang on to the dress and yell for no reason.

Comment by janisd

I agree with the comments so far and think that Lennie is really a nice guy, just reacts the way he does because he has an disability. The only think I wonder, is why didn’t George try to stop him from doing this incident, because it seems like their always together and you would think George would have stopped Lennie from doing that.

Comment by nb14

Lennie is slow and did not know any better when he grabbed a little girls dress. They all thought that he wanted the girl , not to touch the dress. This shows how much lennie likes soft things , like mice.

Comment by clgarland

Lennie likes to feel soft things and he felt this lady’s dress in weed and like it so he cept touching it. The lady probaly thought it was weird and tried to pull away from him.then lennie probly got scared and held on tighter because he didnt know any better and was just scared and confused about what was going on.

Comment by apeters

He went to touch a little girls dress. he likes soft things and he thought that it looked soft i felt really bad for him.

Comment by curlygrace13

All he wanted to do was to touch the little girls dress because he likes soft things, but the farmers didnt know that. I dont think Lennie relized what he was doing was wrong even know he just wanted to feel the dress.

Comment by rsarah

I think George should get a lot of credit because he found both himself and lennie a job.He is like a hero for Lennie. If Lennie didnt have George im not to sure where he would be. He may be jobless

Comment by trayyd

Lennie grabbed a girls red dress and held on evn though the girl was screaming. The girl was thoght to have been raped. Lennie’s character is out of control. I can’t believe that someone would do something like that.

Comment by nw61

Lennie was feeling the girls dress and she called rape. This shows that Lennie is slow. I was surprised when this happened.

Comment by fstarr

Lennie and George left the ranch because Lennie felt this girls dress and she yelled rape. So they had to go away because these bounty hunters were chasing them and trying o kill them.

Comment by derrty

Lennie and George left the ranch because Lennie touched that girls dress. It tells us that Lennie is slow. My reaction was I was very suprised when this happend because she lied to the police to try to get Lennie in trouble.

Comment by jessnick1992

Lennie likes to pet soft things, and this girl had a soft dress so he was feeling it and she accused him of rape. so Georige and Lennie had to run away so Lennie didn’t get killed. I thought it was sad because the girl lied and Lennie didn’t mean any harm.

Comment by rachypachy

Lennie loves to feel soft things and he saw a girl in a red dress. He wanted to feel the dress. The girl started screaming and the only thing he could think of doing was to hold on. This tells us that Lennie thinks like a little kid. My reaction is that it was forshadowing things and that something like that was going to happen in the future of the book.

Comment by jacquiem

Lennie saw a girl that had on a really pretty silk dress and Lennie likes to feel soft things. Well Lennie really doesn’t know his own strenght and he touched the dress. The girl got scared and stared to stream Lennie also got scared and didn’t know what to do so he held on the dress and the girl figured she got raped and told everyone that she got raped. Soon after that a bunch of guys started to chase Lennie and George with a bunch of dogs so they had to hide in a migrant ditch.
This tells me that Lennie is a very caring person and he really doesn’t know his own strenght and sometimes he doesn’t act his age and the silk dress distracted him so he wanted to touch it.

Comment by jessicaxo

Lennie saw a girl and he liked her dress and grabbed it and didden’t let go and the lady got scared and ran. It tells us that what ever he wants he goes for it. I was stuned that he did this and i found out he didden’t know what he was doing.

Comment by rwpollock

Lennie forgets what George tells him and George gets angery.Lennie is a forigetful person. I think Lennie is slow in the head.

Comment by rwpollock

back in weed lennie was accused of rape when he toutched a girls dress.when she screamed he grabed her because that is the only thing he knows to do.lennie and george were forced to hide in a ditch from a group of people trying to kill them.this shows the child like figure in lennie.

Comment by sortisio92

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