Of Mice and Men

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March 26, 2007, 5:10 pm
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We now that we’ve thought about what Lennie and George want more than anything, let’s take a second to share what some of our goals are in life.


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I want to be a pediatrician when I get older, but I think it will be hard to achieve because it takes ten years of college, which I don’t know if I could handle.

Comment by kligsfosho

kligsfosho – I can’t blame you for being shy about that much school, but my sister is currently enrolled as a Physical Therapy student, and she loves every second of it, even if she has been in school forever. If it’s what you want to do, don’t give up, no matter how hard things seem.

Comment by Miss Fowler

I want to become a pharmicist because they make very good money and science and math are some of my best subjects and I’m really interested in them. I also want to learn how to surf because it looks so fun and thrilling.

Comment by laurenxxs

I want to do something with the Preforming Arts. I know it takes alot of hard work but I aan willingn to do what ever I have to do inorder to make that happen.

Comment by JJspencer

i have always wanted to get a band going and be successful, but i know that will be really hard because theres so many bands out there that it makes it nearly impossible to be successful

Comment by cghirohito

I want to be a horror movie director just like the godfather of gore, Herchelle Lewis. Next year I am taking tv production classes and will hopefully go to college for that like my cousin .

Comment by clgarland

I want to be a wedding planner when i’m older. But it’s hard to become one because of the amount there is out there. But i hope i am successful.

Comment by taylorrr

i want to be a interpetor between launguages and I think all my hard work will pay off because its my goal and goals are important to achive.

Comment by doplato

My goal in life is to be big in something involving movies and television. I don’t think the amount of school would get to me, its just the times when you dont think anyones helping you.

Comment by evanhouty

I have a cousin who is “special”. Sometimes he has to take medication to help him throughout the day.

Comment by epszczolkowski

My dream is to actually be a marine bioligist because i love to see the things under water in there natural habitats and i also have 14 fish tanks that 8 of those are set up like the fishes natural habitat.

Comment by epszczolkowski

some of my goals life are to pass school and to b in the olympics and to be like ollie lang in paintball.

Comment by Anonymous

some of my goals life are to pass school and to b in the olympics and to be like ollie lang in paintball.

Comment by proxballa

My goals in life are pretty simple. I want to live ina big house and have a job that I enjoy. I don’t want to be one of those people who arn’t excited to go to work in the morning. I( also want to a bubble hockey table because they are fun.

Comment by rsborn

My life goals are simple but incomplete. I want to be a succesful person. Of course a big house and a fancy car would be sweet but i think being happy is more important. I’m not quite sure what i want to be. I want to like my job though. I want to go to my job and have fun and not regret the field i go into. Basically my main goal in life is to have fun and be succesful in life.

Comment by gdpeter

Well im sure everybody wants to be rich and famous and have a huge house and fancy cars. First i just wanna get out of highschool with good grades and get into a good college and start from there.

Comment by jalouis

One of the goals i want to reach in my life time is to play a sport at a division 1 college. It will take a lot of hard work but I think I can do it.

Comment by jktubman

My goal is to be a successful business man so I can travel around the world sharing my dreams.

Comment by nwantoinette

My goal in life is to pass/finish school and be able to go to college. I want to be bale to get a good paying job so i can have a family.

Comment by 10love

I would love to be on the first girls lacrosse team and we would have guy cheerleaders.

Comment by mudisfun10

My drream is to be an anesthesiologist. Even though it takes a alot of hard work and school work I think that it will pay off in the end because I really like to help people.

Comment by knwilliam

My goals in life are to have a huge, nice house, a good job, lots of money and a home movie theater, basketball court and bowling alley and a baseball/ football field in my backyard because ilike all those things

Comment by seanfl

My goal in life is to be succesful at starting my own icecream buisness. I would sell different types of icecream to kids that are not as simple as chocolate or vanilla.

Comment by emearhart

Right now I don’t think i have a goal in life. As of now, I’m just enjoying my life how it is. But like most people I want to be successful in whatever future endeavors i choose.

Comment by DavidOBrien722

Like Dave, currently I don’t have a set goal for my future, although I would just like to be happy, even if that doesn’t mean being “rich”/”famous”

Comment by busses

Lennie just wants to be strong enough to stand up to Geroge and also to keep the mouse for hisself.

Comment by Derrty

I want to do something in dentistry because they make a lot of money =]

Comment by fraglerock


Comment by timmypp

I always wanted to be a phys ed teacher. I want to pass school and college so i can get this job.

Comment by psgeiger

I goal in life so far is to be a non-profit organization worker. In this field, I want to work in the area where you create and work for events and ideas that will make money for your organization. I know that this job will probaly require some college coarses so I will try to also go to college. But overall, the reason I want to work in this field is because you can help people, which I really want to do.

Comment by nb14

I want to do something in life that is GREAT! For me the sky is not the limit. i want to die and have people remember me as someone who did something great. as William James said:
“The best use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it”

Comment by curlygrace13

I havent really decided on what I want to be when i get older. There is a ton of things i know i am capable of acheving when I am older. The sky is the limit I just hope that i acheieve something before i die :]

Comment by trayyd

Wow. You all have amazing dreams! The greatest thing I could ever tell you is to never, ever give up on these dreams! You’re all capable do making them happen. Just keep it real and never give up!

Comment by Miss Fowler

I want to be a teacher because I love working with kids and talking a lot. I like explaining things, and I get satisfactory from helping other people.

Comment by 10kmiller

I want to be a lawyer because I love being able to prove people wrong and argue my point.

Comment by Jacquiem

My goal in life is just to be very successful and have a nice house and a family. As of now, I would really like to work with young children when I get older.

Comment by wamanda

My goals in life are to get into a great college then either become a model or a wedding planner for Disney.

Comment by rsarah

I want to be a great scientist that will make vaccines or cures for diabeties,cancer,and other deadly diseases.

Comment by ice165

All I want is to be successful in life and have a really good job. I want to be something science related but I don’t know what yet.

Comment by kaitlinx0

My goals in life are to be an accountant. I an very good in math and good at working with money.

Comment by nw61

My goals in life are to have a very successful career and a big house with fancy cars.

Comment by fstarr

in my life i wish to work in radio or film because honestly i like to control my music and spread my influence of that and film has so many oppertunitys for people and the demand for movies grows in this country we live in why not try to entertain people and make money doing it

Comment by kkbruce

My goal in life is to just be successful with a nice house and good family.

Comment by wamanda

Lennie just wants to be strong enough to stand up to Geroge and raise his pet.

Comment by derrty

I wanna be a musician and get famous well atleast make music because that’s just what I love to do so why not persue something you’re good at and love.

Comment by skatergirl55

When i get older, i wanna go to collage and becom either an American History Teacher or a pshycologist. I want a family and all that fun stuff.

Comment by rachypachy

My goals in life are to get a really good job and be successful in life and finish school. I also want to be a model and be famous in magazines. I also want to start a family and be a incredable mom like my mom is to me!=)

Comment by jessicaxo

I want to be an engineer. this is my dream

Comment by timmypp

i want to do something in dentristy or criminal because they both seem real interesting.

Comment by lilfragale1723

i want to become a mechanic because i have always been inturested in cars.i think that lennie and geoeges dream is to “out there” because back then it was verry unlikley that that would happen.

Comment by sortisio92

i want to do someting involving sports

Comment by apeters

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