Of Mice and Men

March 28, 2007, 12:31 pm
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Describe the atmosphere of the ranch and bunkhouse.  Be sure to include characteristics of different characters that were formally or informally introduced to us in this chapter and how they influence the general atmopshere at the bunkhouse.


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At the ranch the people dont seem vey nice. Many of them seem to have problems with Lennie and George. The boss, Curley, and Skinny are like the main workers. Curley is the bosses son and Skinny is is like the ranch manager. The bunkhouse is very cramped with no nice furnature and some of the beds are filled with bugs.

Comment by swgama

swgama- i do agree with you about how the bunkhose is very discusting

Comment by epszczolkowski

The seting of the bunk house is pretty plain and it seems to be a place that I would not wnat to live in because it would be boring.

Comment by seanfl

The atmoshere isnt so good in the chapter. Lennie and George didn’t like it there because of Curly beign a jerk. They wanted to go but they came to far and didn’t want to leave yet.

Comment by evanhouty

in chapter two the atmosphere isnt that good. I agree with evanhouty, curly is a big jerk. I think now he may even back off of george a little. George and Lennie do not like it there because of the people. The atmosphere of the people is pretty ohkay except for curly. He’s the bosses son so ofcourse hes going to be a jerk. That’s what he is meant to do.

Comment by trayyd

the atmosphere is not very welcoming. it is a dirty place and some people like curly and the boss are not very friendly.

Comment by ms07

The atmosphere wasn’t welcoming like most people said; well the story does take place during the depression, so I wouldn’t expect anything too nice. Curley adds to the unwelcoming features of the ranch. He’s not friendly and the workers don’t like him. But I think Candy makes George and Lennie feel a little more comfortable though. Curley’s wife also adds to the unwelcomeness, though she’s flirty and pretty, she makes George feel uneasy.

Comment by davidobrien722

The bunkhouse in the ranch isnt very welcoming and in George’s bed there was a can of lice and bug repelant and is a very discusting place to live in

Comment by rsarah

I wonder if these conditions are good/bad for a migrant worker. Any ideas?

Comment by Miss Fowler

The bunkhouse is a dirty place that does not make it any better that the people are watching over you like hawks.

Comment by janisd

The dirty bunkhouse gives the ranch a dirty feel to it. Candy is just like the bunkhouse. They are both dirty and old.

Comment by clgarland

the conditions of the bunkhouse is very dirty and smelly. lennie and george didnt lik it because they wer askin aout the beds and stuff.

Comment by proxballa

The atmosphere was not that good in ranch & bunkhouse thius chapter. Curlry is just like his father. His father is the boss & is not so happy go luck.The others were not so bad, some were nice to Lennie & George where others were not. With most of the people being not so nice & freindly helped make the atmosphere even worse.

Comment by jjspencer

The atmosphere of both the ranch and the bunkhouse are kind of gloomy and secretive. Candy gossips with George and Lennie about everything that happens in the house with most of the men working there. Slim seems like he has a secret or two of his own. He is really.

Comment by adesi

adesi – …really what?

Comment by Miss Fowler

The atmosphere in the bunkhouse is wierd, akward, and boring. Wierd because i dont think that all the people sound normal, akward because not everyone is friends and they always have to watch thier backs, and boring becuase it seems like there’s nothing to do there.

Comment by knwilliam

The atmosphere in the bunkhouse and the ranch were bad. The bunkhouse was small , and was suspected to have bug problems. One of the first people Lennie and George encounters was Candy, who has been around the ranch for a long time and filled them in with information about the ranch and the people working their, such as Curly, the owner, Curley’s wife, Slim and Skinny but it seems that some of these people that George and Lennie met in person were either friendly enough or rude, which gives mixed feelings about the surroundings at this ranch.

Comment by nb14

Life in the bunkhouse and in this place in general even if George is oversensitive about things. I wouldn’t want to live in conditions like that because if i got sick, there wouldnt be much that could be done about it and i wouldnt want to have to worry about it in the first place

Comment by cghirohito

The atmosphere in the bunkhouse and the ranch were bad seeing as Lennie and George were asking about the beds and the stuff that killed the bugs. And it was boring inside because they had nothing to do besides play cards and talk.

Comment by summers27

I think the atmosphere is a mix one with diferant personallitys and ideas and the condition of the place is in decent shape but bugs and mice might be an issue

Comment by kkbruce

I think the atmosphere is polluted with different ideas and so many bugs.

Comment by derrty

The bunkhouse is just a place for the worker to sleep and hang out when they’re off but it’s not in the best condition.

Comment by skatergirl55

I think the bunkhouse is a typical place for a migrant worker to work at. It’s gross though that George has bugs in his bed. The people are all really nice except Curley, like trayyd said.

Comment by rachypachy

This was a question for my art of communication english class. I would love to post the “essay” I wrote on this topic.

Chapter 2 begins with the introduction of a new setting, the environment of the bunkhouse and ranch. The bunkhouse was in a state of disrepair, and was very shabby and run-down. Beds were piled up on one another, and half the bunks didn’t even have blankets. Instead, they had “burlap ticking,” sheets of burlap that could barely cover them while they slept, and were full of bugs and ticks. The walls of the bunkhouse weren’t painted, and each occupant had only two shelves for personal belongings. Altogether a very cramped and not nice place to live.

The first person George and Lennie meet at the ranch is an old swamper who tries to explain how things work at the ranch. The next character introduced to us is the boss, who appears to be a strict man, who runs the ranch with an iron fist. He adds to the feeling of a harsh environment that won’t be friendly and welcoming. Another character who enforces the unfriendly environment is Curley, the boss’ son. The old swamper tells our protagonists that Curley picks fights with the bigger guys for “street credit.” AS well as depicting the environment of the ranch, Curley is the first character who shows signs of conflict with George and Lennie. One of the most important characters to the environment of the ranch is Slim. He is the “leader” of the ranch workers; they all look to him for advice. His appearance of a tough guy implies that on the ranch, it is survival of the fittest. From this, the reader may infer that conditions on the ranch aren’t the best. in fact, conditions are very far from that; the setting is very harsh. The overall environment of the ranch and bunkhouse is one that is tough, cramped, and unforgiving.

(this was only a short essay, so it isn’t a long, 5 paragraph amazing piece of work.)

Comment by jemccarthy13

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