Of Mice and Men

March 28, 2007, 12:24 pm
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Candy, one of the ranch hands, is introduced in chapter 2. What do we know about his personality and appearance?


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Candy is missing an arm. He also has a really old dog. Candy likes the boss and tells George and Lennie about the other people around the place. He also puts George to the test to see if he can be trusted.

Comment by doplato

Candy likes to talk about everyone on the ranch. He’s old and has no hand. His dog is really old and is smelly and almost blind. Candy said some inapproproiate things to George to see how he would react and if he could trust George.

Comment by kaitlinx0

“Candy likes to talk about everyone on the ranch.” – kaitlinx0 – I think you’re right. It seems as though he really does like to gossip!

Comment by Miss Fowler

candy is old and tired but he likes to get into others lives even if they dont want him to be

Comment by mudisfun10

Candy is old and missing an arm and has a really old dog. He tests George to see if he can be trusted and then he tells George all of the things he knows about Curly.

Comment by clgarland

Candy is a old man that is a really old dog and he is missing an arm. he likes to talk about other people and he likes to get into other peoples buisness.

Comment by 10love

Candy is an old man and he seems like a trustable person. He trusts lenny and george because he gossips with them.

Comment by ms07

Candy is older looking with a white beard. He seems to have a nice personality because the loves his dog, who is also very old. He also shares news or gossip about the other ranch workers to George and Lennie. But on the other hand his racist side shows when he repeatedly calls the black worker a n*****.

Comment by rsborn

Candy is old. He is missing a hand. He loves to talk about whats going on at the ranch. He has a beard. He just likes to gossip because the ranch is just like a small town.

Comment by Jacquiem

Candy is an old man that has been at the ranch for a while now. He has a dog and tries to test George with talking about other workers on the ranch.

Comment by wamanda

Candy, like everyone said, is old, and missing an arm. He also likes to gossip and talk about people on the ranch. He tested George and Lennie, so I think he is cautious in who he is friends with. All around I think he’s a good hearted man, he was friendly to George and Lennie even though he just met them.

Comment by davidobrien722

Candy is old had is missing a hand. He likes to gossip about the people ont he farm. Also he has a really old dog.

Comment by jktubman

Candy is an old, worn out, dog. I think that he has been around so long that he knows everything that is going on. I think he is afraid of the boss.

Comment by curlygrace13

yeah i said candy is a dog. wow. i mean he is a old worn out man who knows all the going ons and is very aware of the normal routine. i think he will be a good person for Lennie and George to rely on as a friend. 🙂

Comment by curlygrace13

candy is a old man whos been around for a very long time. It seems like Candy is scared of his boss.

Comment by jalouis

Candy is a old man with a very old worn out dog who is afraid of the boss and trusts Lennie and George by telling him about Curly.

Comment by rsarah

Candy is a old man who was a handyman at the ranch. He lost his hand in a accident and fears that his age will make him useless. Candy also seems to trust George and Lennie.

Comment by emearhart

ms07 – Your point about trust is important. He was really testing the two men to see if he could accept them.

Comment by Miss Fowler

Candy is an old man who seems to test people with his knowledge to see if they can survive on the farm and how long.

Comment by nwantoinette

Candy is old, and he has an old dog. He ia missing an arm. he gives good advice, and is cautious.

Comment by 10kmiller

Candy is a older worker at the ranch. He is a bit of a gossip, but this helps George and Lennie know what’s going on at the ranch. I think he will be a good friend and will be helpful also in knowing other personal details and happenings around the ranch. He also owns a old dog.

Comment by nb14

Candy is oold, he likes to gossip about stuff, hes missing a hand and he has an old mauled dog

Comment by cghirohito

Candy is an old man that is part of the ranch. We know that he is a man who trusts George and Lennie. He is kind of racist too.

Comment by nw61

Candy is missing one arm. He likes to tell people about the other workers on the ranch.

Comment by 10kmiller

Candy is a old man that has only one arm and likes to greet new workers when they come to work at that farm.

Comment by derrty

candy is a pleasant but nosey old man who has only 1 hand and a old stinky dog his job is keep places clean around the ranch

Comment by kkbruce

Candy is a hard worker but also a nosey man. He has only one hand and is the first person to great like all the new workers.

Comment by derrty

Candy talks about other people in the ranch.

Comment by rachypachy

Also, Candy is an old man and has an old dog

Comment by rachypachy

Candy also has dreams about a house

Comment by mudisfun10

I think that Candy is introduced as a old man with no hand. He is also very noisy. The only family member that candy had was his dog which was really old and smelled and he was also almost blind. At the beginning of the book Candy wanted to know if he could trust George and Lennie so He gossips about some of the guys on the ranch to see if they would say anything.

Comment by jessicaxo

We know that he is a nice guy who is there to help. We also know that he is missing a hand and his dog is as old as him.

Comment by rwpollock

we know he is a hard working person and he will lend a helping hand if needed

Comment by sortisio92

he has only one arm, but he is a hard working person

Comment by apeters

Candy is an example of the lack of the welfare state in America as he only receives $250 for losing his hand (5 months wages) so is forced to work despite being disabled. There is no pension so the only way Candy can stay alive is to work until his body no longer supports him which relates to the terrible state of the American economy after the Great Depression of 1929. This is why Candy offers everything to George and Lennie for him to stay with them and do household tasks such as sweeping and cooking until he dies.

Comment by Mark Smirnov

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