Of Mice and Men

March 28, 2007, 12:26 pm
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Curley is the owner’s son. Met in chapter 2, what do we know about him so far?


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Curley is mean. He picks fights with guys older than himself, and he married a “tart”. He aslo has privaleges being the bosses son.

Comment by doplato

Curly is the bosses son and he is really intimidating towards George in Lennie. He married a girl who flirts with all the other guys on the ranch.

Comment by kaitlinx0

Curly is a little gut. He likes to mess with people that are bigger than him like Lennie. He does that becuse if he looses t o the bigger guy they will fell bad for him and if he wins then he is respected.

Comment by swgama

Curley is the bosses son. He likes to pick fights with bigger men, because he doesn’t like them. We also know that he married a “tart”.

Comment by nw61

Curly is small and thinks hes a tough guy by putting others down.

Comment by mudisfun10

Curly is a smaller man and he is mean, he tries to pick fights with guys bigger than him so it makes them look like bullies.

Comment by nwantoinette

nwantoinette- your right he does try to pick fights with any one he can.

Comment by epszczolkowski

Curly is a pretty tough dude. But, he’s very smart. He knows how to mess with people’s heads. He picks on the bigger guys to look tough but if the bigger guy wins people feel bad and gang up on the big guy. Curly knows how to play with people that are for sure. He also has a wife that is a “whore”. She likes to flirt with other workers and Curly is a little aggravated by it maybe? He definitely has a short fuse.

Comment by gdpeter

We know that he thinks he is the boss himself just because he is the bosses son. And he starts fight with bigger men just so he can win. He also is a uptight person.

Comment by knwilliam

We know that Curley is a very small man and he gets into fights so he can get praise which probabley means that he loves attention.

Comment by seanfl

We know that Curly is a small guy who loves to pick fights and fight people bigger than him. Some day he will probably fight Lennie and get really hurt.

Comment by clgarland

he does. he fights Lennie and gets his hand broken, to defend his honour, and to save Lennie from future punishment they say he got it caught it in the machine. Only Curlys wife finds out this isn’t true when she asks Lennie how did he get bruised, and he replies with ‘he got it caught in the machine’

Comment by Crumpie (@alastaircrump)

Curly is small and probably LAZY! He acts as though he rules the roost, because his Dad is “the Big Guy”. I think George and Lennie have to watch out for him!

Comment by curlygrace13

we know so far that curly is a little puny guy who thinks hes tough, when really he isnt. He gets off the hook with a lot such as doing work. He gets paid for hardly working.

Comment by trayyd

we know so far that curly is a little puny guy who thinks hes tough, when really he isnt. He gets off the hook with a lot such as doing work. He gets paid for hardly working. hes a bit of a jerk.

Comment by trayyd

curly is the bosses son and he thinks that he is really tough and he is not. He is a short man and he thinks that this makes people respect him

Comment by ms07

Curley acts like he is better than everyone on the ranch. He picks fights with all the bigger worker for respect and attention. We also know that he is married.

Comment by rsborn

We know that Curley is a small man who is the bosses son. He needs the money to show that he is the boss unlike Slim. Curley tries to pick fights with all the bigger men at the farm to earn respect but mostly for the attention that it brings him. He is married to a woman who flirts with everyone.

Comment by Jacquiem

Curley also likes to mess with guys bigger than himself, this is an important fact, and has been mantiones by other people.

Comment by doplato

Curley is like an instigator. He starts with guys bigger than him so either way in a fight he gets the better end of the deal.

Comment by wamanda

Curly has small man sindrom. He has to prove hes tought because he is small. Also he picks on big guys so eather way he wins.

Comment by jktubman

So far we know that Curley pretty much thinks he can do anything. He does this because he’s the boss’ son. He doesn’t seem to care that his wife flirts with all of the other men either. He seems like a jerk to me.

Comment by adesi

Curley likes to start fights to gain respect from his peers. He wins either way when he tries to pick a fight with people since he is small. If he wins he gains respect and if he looses he can blame it on the bigger man for trying to fight a smaller man

Comment by laurenxxs

Curly is a smaller guy who thinks hes tough and picks on bigger guys.

Comment by jalouis

Curly is a small guy who hates taller guys and acts all tough around them and then pick on them

Comment by rsarah

jktubman – “Small man syndrome” – I love it!

You all certainly have a handle on Curley. Just do me a favor and spell his name correctly!

Comment by Miss Fowler

Curley is the boss’s son. So he probably doesn’t do that much work. I can tell because he wears high heeled boots and people wouldn’t wear them if they were working. Another thing is that he picks fights with bigger guys, but he alway wins becasue if he loses to them he says that the bigger guys picked on him.

Comment by fraglerock

Curley is a little man that wishes he is big and doesnt like it so he picks fights with them because either way hes gana win even if he doesnt win the fight

Comment by Anonymous

Curly is a fighter that likes to pick fights with older, bigger guys for respect and to show he’s not afraid of anyone just because of his size.

Comment by janisd

I hope that Curley gets beat up by Lennie in chapter 3. He is annoying.

Comment by clgarland

curly is a mean guy and he is the son of the ranch owner. picks fights with older guys. also he is married to a “tart”.

Comment by proxballa

we know that he is the bosses son, he is mean, waers tall boots like his dad, likes to picks fights with the other guys at the ranch to gain respect & he can’t get in trouble for it. Also he is married to a “flirty-tart”.

Comment by jjspencer

yea i hope he gets beat up too clgarland

Comment by mudisfun10

I think Curley is just full of himself because he’s the boss’s son. He married a flirt (we did the body tracing today and I was traced as the tart wife), and that he will probably be the laziest one at the ranch who complains the most.

Comment by kligsfosho

Curley is one of thos people who think they can do whatever they please, which I dislike a lot. He finds a way to always end up the winner, he is snobby, and way too full of himself. He is the kind of guy that will sit in a chair watching everyone else do the work, yet still make money.

Comment by busses

Curly is a small man that like to pick fight with big men to show that he stands up to anyone. He is cocky and is rude.

Comment by FSTARR

Curly is a mean person who is small and likes to pick fights with bigger guys.

Comment by cghirohito

I cant wait until Curley gets really hurt. I want to see it in the movie

Comment by clgarland

Curly is the bosses son that does not like George and lennie because they are to good of workers.

Comment by derrty

he is a hot head who picks on bigger guys and gets away with it because he is the ranch owners son

Comment by kkbruce

he is the ranch owners son and gets away with everything because of that.

Comment by derrty

Curley is a jerk trying to pick fights. His wife is a tart, and he doesn’t like bigger people then him like Lennie. He was a boxer.

Comment by rachypachy

Curley is a tough dude.He thinks he is tough ____.I dont like him.He is pretty much a jerk and hes dumb.

Comment by psgeiger

Since Curley is the owner’s son he is really spoiled, we also know that Curley the bosses son like’s to pick fights with big guys and that hes really buff. We also know that he has a wife that is really flirtagous.

Comment by jessicaxo

We know that he is a guy who thinks that he is tough and always wants to fight someone to prove that he is strong.he also gets jellious about his wife.

Comment by rwpollock

curley is the bosses son and he is not the most favorite person in the ranch.he likes to pick fights with the bigger guys,it makes him look tough.

Comment by sortisio92

he is not a very nice person and he dontsnt like big people

Comment by apeters

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