Of Mice and Men

March 28, 2007, 12:29 pm
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Where does racism exist in this novel?


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Racism exists in the novel by the old man calling a black man a N*****. Just because the man was a different race (black), made him think that he could call a black man a N.

Comment by nw61

Racism occurs a lot in the second chapter. The men on the ranch were continually called the black worker the “n” word. I dont think all the swear in the book is needed in the first place, and I really don’t think the author needed to say the “n” word so many times too, we got the point.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

i dont think you realise, the book was written to signify what times were like in the 1940’s and that after the great depression everything changed, its like the recession that has just passed. John Steinbeck uses the word nigger constantly to show how much racism was common back then and now how its frowned upon, also how people of a dark race were treated was considered normal and black people accepted it. There are lots of themes to the book including racism, sexism friendship and also the american dream. Steinbeck may have been very imaginative of how he expressed his feelings in the book as he uses lots of imagery and description but when he describes how candy tells George about crooks being beaten on christmas day that is very true, it all happened.

Comment by missbailey16

Racism occurs in the second chapter alot and the old man thinks that saying n***** is okay because people treat them differently because they are a different race.

Comment by nwantoinette

Rasism is a big part of the novel the older people that have been on the farm single out the man working with the horses. The boss also takes out his anger on him because he is black.

Comment by doplato

I think racism is a big part of this novel. Especially the use of the word “nigger”. In this time period blacks were not treated with respect at all. You can see this in the book as the old man gets mad when he talks about the black man reading. There was obviously a lot of discrimination back then.

Comment by gdpeter

Racism exists in the second chapter of the novel when everyone was refering to the black worker as the”n” word. And you can tell that there was a alot of discrimination back then.

Comment by knwilliam

Racism defidently exists because candy always refers to the one black guy on the ranch as a ” N@##*&”.

Comment by seanfl

Slim is the dark ma and he is the one who is worked hard and not givin a break.

Comment by evanhouty

Racism occurs in the second chapter. Candy calls the black worker on the ranch a n*****.

Comment by rsborn

I completely agree with gdpeter. Racism was a big struggle back during the depression, but even still today. I wonder if John Steinbeck was a racist. He used the “N word” a lot in Chapter two, which makes you wonder.

Comment by davidobrien722

The intended racism is towards the man who works with the horses, who is black.

Comment by davidobrien722

The racism in the book is towards the man who works in the stable. There is reacism there because he is black.

Comment by jktubman

Racism exists in this novel in the ranch. The man that tends to the horses is African American. He is better educated than some of the white men and they seem to take that offensively.

Comment by adesi

I think that some racism exists between the workers and the man who works at the stables, but only because of the vulgar words they use towards him. I’m not sure wether or not they mean it the way it means in our world today, because the ranch workers have no education, that may just be the way they speak.

Comment by laurenxxs

The racism occurs in the book when candy keeps callin the worker the n word and he thinks its ok but its not.

Comment by jalouis

Racism exists in this book becuase the workers on the ranch kept calling the black guy the “n” word. However, back then blacks had little respect and were used to facing racial comments.

Comment by emearhart

jalouis – why is it not ok to use that word?

davido – The word was much more common then. I think he was just trying to reflect the time period.

Comment by Miss Fowler

The raciest part in this book yet so far is in the secound chapter when the boss calls the black worker the ‘N’ word like its his name or something.

Comment by janisd

When Candy keeps calling the worker the N word, it’s not fair because they think it is okay and it is not. She has taken them for advantage which definently shows racism.

Comment by 10kmiller

Yes i think that racism does exist in this novel. I think this besacue of how the boss treast the black worker compared to the rest.

Comment by jjspencer

All – Do the boss’ actions reflect the time period of this novel?

Comment by Miss Fowler

Racism in the book is when the people on the ranch call the black worker the n word. This is very common for the time period.

Comment by FSTARR

I think some racism is in this book. In chapter 2, as everyone else knows Candy called the African American man the “n” word and was telling George and Lennie about how at a ranch party they had one year, he was being treated badly by the other workers.

Comment by nb14

racism is in this book when they call the stable buck the n-word

Comment by kkbruce

When candy calls a black worker a n****. This shows racism.

Comment by derrty

In the book where they call the stable buck a bad name. That deffinatley shows racism.

Comment by skatergirl55

Well people use the “N word” a lot in this book. I guess back in those days, blacks were still discriminated

Comment by rachypachy

They use racism when refering to the stable buck. They call him a name that was common for the time but I believe never should have. No one should call anyone a racist name because it is just wrong.

Comment by jacquiem

They use racism whe they tolk to the stable boy. He is a black man who is hunched over due to being kicked by a horse.

Comment by rwpollock

racism is involved in the book alot.everyone has different oppinions on race.slim was kicked out of the bunk house because he was a different race,and it was ok to them if they were mean to him.

Comment by sortisio92

racism is involved with crooks because he is black they call him names.

Comment by apeters

racism is involved with crooks because he is black they call him the n word.

Comment by apeters

Racism is present in the novella but that does mean that Steinbeck himself was a rascist. Considering the use of the lexis ‘nigger’ is only in dialect, Steinbeck (who is 3rd person narrative) never actually says ‘nigger’. Also, he presents Crooks and self-educated because of the books he possesses. Steinbeck has humanist tendancies as you wouldn’t make a black man intelligent and BOOK-wise if you were a rascist BOOK-writer. I actually think he likes Crooks if anything, which makes the horrible racism at the time, more effective to the reader.

Comment by Alisha (@Alisha1029)

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