Of Mice and Men

Setting – Bunkhouse
March 28, 2007, 12:23 pm
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At the beginning of chapter 2, the bunkhouse is described in great detail. What do you remember about it? Does it sound like a good place to be? Why or why not?


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I remeber that the bunckhouse had eight beds three of them were empty. Near each bed there was a apple box to keep your belongings in. From what i remeber te bunchhouse didn’t seem like the best place to live in.

Comment by doplato

From what I remember, the cabin had several straw filled burlap matressed bunkbeds, with little shelves, and stoves. It seemed like not the best place to be, but an okay place. I wonder if the boss was lying about the can of bug spray and the clean man.

Comment by kligsfosho

I remember the bunkhouse as being very small, not very clean, due to that can of bug repellant in the bunkhouse and the beds were made of straw. I also remembered Lennie’s and George’s not so happy reactions to this place where they were going to sleep. I also agree with their opinions because overall the bunkhouse sounded like a small tool shed, not somewhere you would sleep in. Also the boss’s over reaction about the bug repellent seemed to show us that he was hiding someting about the conditions of the bunkhouse and the work their.

Comment by nb14

i remeber there were 10 bed & 3 of the them did not have blankets on them, they were made of straw, it was not very clean & it had little shelves. No it does not sound like a good place to be. I say that besucae of how dirty & unconfortable it must bt by the way it is described.

Comment by jjspencer

The bunkhouse is small and next to every bed there is two shelves that hold razors, medicine, and magizines. It doesn’t sound like a good place to be because it is cramped and the only thing to do is play cards.

Comment by nwantoinette

I remember how dirty the bunkhouse was described as being and how there was spray to kill pests and other “scourges”.

Comment by clgarland

I remember hearing how it is like a cabin. I remember thinking that I would not like to live in a bunkhouse and it would be very uncomfortable.

Comment by wamanda

The bunkhouse was a long house with unpainted floors, and had only a few small windows. I think there were about eight bunks, and three of them didn’t have blankets. In the middle of the room was a table with cards on it and boxes as chairs. This doesn’t exactly scream welcoming to me. It seems like a cramped place where you have no privacy, and it seems dirty and disgusting. It doesn’t sound like a good place to be to me.

Comment by davidobrien722

I remember that it was small and the beds were made of straw. It doesn’t sound very comfortable or safe. Anybody could steal from you and living with people that you don’t know is probably awkward at first, too.

Comment by adesi

I remember the book describing a small, dirty, simple place. They sat on crates and only had boxes. They also slept on cots. This does not seem like a good place to be for me, but maybe it is for Lennie and George because they were sleeping in the woods the night before, they may not know anything better.

Comment by laurenxxs

I remember the bunkhouse had boxes around a table for cards. Its a very cramped place with bunks made of uncomfortable matresses. It definatally doesnt sound like a comfortable place to be.

Comment by gdpeter

The bunkhouse seemed like a uncomfortbale place to be living in. There was many boxes and bunkbeds made out of twine.

Comment by emearhart

Great details, everyone! Is this a place you would want to live?

Comment by Miss Fowler

I remember that tge bunkhouse have lots of bugs and critters. Also, the table had playing cards on it for entertainment. The chairs were only boxes and slept on cots. This does not sound like a good place to be. It sound small, dirty, and cold.

Comment by rsborn

I remember that there are beds in there and that there was some kind of repellent for bugs and creatures so you don’t get sick. From that being there I can tell that it’s not a good place to be.

Comment by Jacquiem

I remember that the bunkhouse was a dirty place with bugs with beds made out of burlap. I wouldn’t want to live in their.

Comment by rsarah

rsarah – “their” -> “there”, please.

Comment by Miss Fowler

The bunkhouse was described as a old, dirty, and not safe place to live. No it doesn’t sound like a good place to be becuase who would want to live in a place where there are bugs on the bed.

Comment by knwilliam

I remember how they were talking about bugs in the pillows, and they described it as being small and empty like they had to sit on boxes. and there pillows were made out of straw.

Comment by trayyd

The bunkhouse was very messy and the beds were poor. There have might of been bugs in the room.

Comment by FSTARR

The bunkhouse is kind of dirty and doesn’t seem like the most confortable environment to live in.

Comment by 10kmiller

the bunk house does not sound like a good place to stay. it is dary they have two tables and a lite over each of the table. there is bugs on the beds, and the beds are made from burlap sacks.

Comment by ms07

The bunk house is decribed smelly, small, and crowded. It doesn’t seem very comfortable and it also doesn’t seem like the best enviroment to stay in and i would hate to stay their.

Comment by jessicaxo

i remembered that is was small,dirty,smelt like dogs,the beds were unconfortable…but i remember most of all the bug spray.

Comment by sortisio92

i remember the bunkhouse being old and had a can of pestisides by georges bed.I wouldnt live there if i didnt have to

Comment by apeters

The bunk house was a long, rectangular building. inside, the walls were whitewashed and the floor unpainted. in three walls three were small square windows, and in the fourth, a solid door with the wooden door page 19.

Comment by myhaylo

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