Of Mice and Men

March 28, 2007, 12:31 pm
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Describe Slim.  What is his job on the ranch?  What are some of his character traits?


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I think Slim is a big guy who is respected by how he has treated other people.He is basicly the leader of the team on the ranch.He treats people with respect and he deserves what he gets back.

Comment by apeters

Slim is the leader of the working men at the ranch. He shows that by how he walks. He doesn’t need to be rich and wear the boots to show that he’s in control. He treats everyone with the respect that they deserve just as long as they do the same.

Comment by Jacquiem

Slim is a nice kind guy he is respected, and would like George and Lennie on his team. He also respects others because that is how he wants to be treated

Comment by doplato

Slim is a guy that other ranchers respect and look up to. He can impress people without really trying.

Comment by Anonymous

Slim is a respectable guy. The kind that someone would look up to. He seems like one of the few good guys on the ranch.

Comment by adesi

Slim is the unsung leader of the ranchers. He is respected and other ranchers look up to him. I think that Slim impresses people without really trying.

Comment by laurenxxs

i think that slim thinks he is so great but he really isn’t. He is the boss’s son so he think he has special rights.

Comment by curlygrace13

that’s curley

Comment by 09aamurtaza

Slim is a kind of the leader of the ranchers and the other ranchers lookup to him.

Comment by jalouis

Slim is a mule driver and seems to be at peace with himself. People look to Slim for advice.

Comment by emearhart

Slim is about the only guy that talks to George and Lennie like there equal. I think he’s been working there for a whle because it seems like he is tight with everyone, he is also respected.

Comment by fraglerock

Slim is the person who keeps everything under control at the ranch. He is also one of the only people who welcomed Lennie and George to the ranch (besides Candy) and talked to them in a professional manner.

Comment by nb14

slim is lik the leader of the ranch. he is very nice. and eveyone looks up to him.

Comment by proxballa

slim is a jerk line skinner. and he is like the maneger of the ranch. he does not have to were better clothes to show his importance.

Comment by ms07

Slim’s job on the ranch is a jerk line skinner. He doesn’t need to wear fancy clothes or shoes to get respect. He is like a leader and like a manager.

Comment by rsborn

what page can i find a quote to back this up?

Comment by Nina Wise

All – What is a jerk-line skinner?

Comment by Miss Fowler

miss fowler a jerk-line skinner is a mule driver

Comment by mudisfun10

I think that Slim is a nice guy and that he will help geogre and Lennie later on.

Comment by ice165

Slim is a nice man who has earned a lot of respect from working on the ranch all those years. He is a Jerk-Line Skinner, or a mule driver as “mudisfun10” pointed out. Overall, a decent guy.

Comment by busses

I think that slim is a respectable guy. George and Lennie look up to him and need his help. He gives very good advice.

Comment by trayyd

Slim is like the manager but he doesn’t wear boots to show his authority to the workers.

Comment by nwantoinette

I think slim is ok.He is a good guy and everything. I think hes a guy that people look up to.His job is like hes a leader of the team at the ranch.

Comment by psgeiger

slim is a jerk line skinner at the ranch. He is respected by a lot of people on the ranch. Curley’s wife gives slim “the eye” so i thik they have a relationship.

Comment by kaitlinx0

Slim is introduced to us as a skinner on the ranch. Slim is one of the nicer guys the guys have meet. Slim talks to the guys and welcomes them to the ranch, and some what inform them of what it’s like there. I think people on the ranch respect Slim.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

Slim is a strong man who drives mules. He works on the ranch. Slim can impress anyone he wants, without even trying sometimes.

Comment by nw61

Slim is an important preson on the ranch who drives the mules. He is like the manager on the ranch and everyone respects him.

Comment by jktubman

Slim is a Jerk-line skinner. He is also very respected becasue he respects others. Hes also one of the calmest people on the ranch and people always listen to what he says.

Comment by gdpeter

slims job is to ride the mules as a steam line skinner????? but his importance is as the guy who gives the puppy to lennie and the one who is suppoably cheating on curlys wife

Comment by kkbruce

Slim acts like he is the boss of everything but he has no authority.

Comment by derrty

Miss Fowler, a Jerk-Line Skinner is a Mule driver. Slim does that and he is a nice guy on the ranch. He’s very nice to George and Lennie, and gave Lennie a pup since his dog had puppies. I did think it was wrong of him to drown off 4 pups.

Comment by rachypachy

Slim’s job on the ranch is a jerk line skinner. I think that alot of people repect him on the ranch. I think that Slim and Curley’s wife have a relationship because Curley’s wife gives Slim the eye.

Comment by jessicaxo

he is jerk-line-skinner and he is probably one of the nicest guys on the ranch.

Comment by sortisio92

Slim is a skinner at the ranch, he is nice, and he is a hard worker.

Comment by ferxsurexbombb

Slim is basically the leader of the ranch and is a heck of a nice guy as it says on page 28 he isn’t fancy but a good hard worker.

Comment by Hector Carvajal

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