Of Mice and Men

March 29, 2007, 8:47 am
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Lennie certainly has a mental disability, but he’s physically able. Think about people you have seen with disabilites. How do people treat them? How should people treat them?


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Yes i have seen people with disabilities and i dont really notice them being treated bad. I mean, sometimes i see people stare, but othr than that i think they are treated fairly.

Comment by fraglerock

fragalerock – Have you ever seen anyone treat someone with a disability poorly?

Comment by Miss Fowler


Comment by timmypp

people treat people with disabitlites different than others. some threat them like they don’t know a thing, others are not nice to tehm but there are a few people who tret them like the person they really are. People should treat them the way they treat their friends & the way they want to be treated.

Comment by JJspencer

Some people treat people with disabilities like they are not even human. They think that they dont have fellings. I have seen some teacher be very mean to the kids in our school with disabilities. I think that they sould be extra kind to them because they usually dont do anything to anybody.

Comment by swgama

I treat people that have disabilities with respect. I treat them the same way I do my regular friends. People shouldn’t be quick to judge someone, just because they are different. People should treat others that have disabilities with respect.

Comment by nw61

People with disabilities shouldn’t be treated different because just like Lennie, those people are just like us and big hearts. I feel bad when I see people staring or laughing at people with disabilities. Just because some people might not look the same on the outside or may have something wrong with them doesn’t mean you need to be wrong to them. We should treat those people with respect because none of us that were born lucky enough to not have those problems, will never know what they go through.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

I think people with disabilities get treated badly by people in the world.But people in like group homes or things like that get treated fine.I think people should treat them with respect and they dont do stupid things on purpose its always an accident.

Comment by psgeiger

I usually see people with disabilites getting treated sometimes with respect, but sometimes they are stared at or I see people whispering and commenting about them. I treaat people with disabilites with respect and I am friendly, just like I am with someone who does not have disabilites. I’v talked to people with disabilites and their just like everyone else and should be treated that way.

Comment by Anonymous

People with disabilites i think are treated a little diffrently like in gym maybe the do stuff wrong but no one really mentions it because they don’t want to be mean. I think the way “slow” people are treated isn’t bad just maybe they should be treated like everyone else not sinlgle them out.

Comment by doplato

I think people today have a lot more respect for people with mental disabilities. I think people are realizing that they cannot help it but you still see the stares and the snickers, and words spoken under people’s breath. You also see a lot of people making fun of retardation in movies. I think this needs to stop and have people be more respectful and understanding. People need to find humor in other things besides peoples challenges faced in life. How would they feel if someone they knew had a disability or even them. What if you were mentally disabled would you like people making fun or staring at you?

Comment by gdpeter

Peple with mental disabilities are treated fairly today because the people who help them are needed get them around.People should treat them fairly but still them out around their daily lives. They are just like normal people.

Comment by clgarland

When someone is disabled it is not their fault. It is not fair to treat them differently. If anything they should be treated with even MORE love and respect. A lot of times in the story i think that George is a little rough with Lennie. I wonder how Lennie feels? How would you feel?

Comment by curlygrace13

People treat them like there not humans. Like there dirt. People need to relize that they are people just like us. We don’t all look the same, act the same, or even talk the same. Its Life no human is the same. They aren’t different because of ther disablity, they’re different like everyone else.

Comment by evanhouty

I havent really see someone actually treat disabled people like dirt but definently differnt.I have seen people ive extra help to a disabled person or has given them a weird look or have just acted diferntly around them.I have never seen eneyone actually do anything really mean to them, i usally see people doing something to help them out.I’m not saying that doesnt happen, but the question was what you have seen and i have never seen anyone treat a disabled person like dirt or badly before

Comment by apeters

yes i have seen people with dissabilities. And i dont really think they are treated that badly. I mean at least not to there faces. I have herd some people make fun of mentally disabled kids because of the way they walk, or talk. But i think there cute.

Comment by trayyd

People with disablities get treated very bad. Some People make fun of them saying very bad and wrong things to them. People should underdstand why they are like that and not to say anything bad about them. I thinks Its very mean.

Comment by 10love

The handicapped people that I’ve seen are treated differently than others. People are always watching over them and making sure everything is the way they want it. People should treat the mentally disabled more like normal people and not having them think they are different than anyone else, but still help them out when they need it.

Comment by rsborn

People with disabilities are treated differently. Most people are more sympathetic but there are some very rude people who make fun of them for things that they can’t control. People should be more understanding than that.

Comment by Jacquiem

I agree with how people make fun of them behind there backs, but they can’t help it. You should put yourself in their shoes before you judge them.

Comment by doplato

People with mental disabilitys are often made fun of behind their back or to their face. That shouldn’t happen because they cna’t help it.

Comment by taylorrr

I have seen, and known mental disabilities, and like others stated; they don’t really insult them/treat them badly to their faces, more or less behind their back, although that is still horrid, and shows the person insulting them has nothing better to do with their time.

Comment by Anonymous

people shouldnt treat someone with disabilities badley because it’s not their fault. Even thoe it’s hard for george, he should be nicer to him.

Comment by 10kmiller

When I have seen people with mental disabilitys iv notived that people have looked a few times at them but they are treated no different then anyone else and thats how I think they should be treated.

Comment by janisd

i think that most peopl treat slow people like they cant do any thing but lennie can work twice as hard as regular people

Comment by jdkeller

I treat people with mental disabilities, the same respect that I would treat someone else with. Just because they’re different doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings, and we are all people, life is just harder for them.

Comment by 10kmiller

disabilities are bad and can affect your getting a job and it also can mess up your life.

Comment by ms07

I think some people over exaggerate when people have disabilities. They stare and I think it is so rude. I think people should treat them just how they would treat anyone else.

Comment by wamanda

People treat people with diabilites different than they would any other person. It makes me mad when people do that. Having a disability doesn’t make you different by any means. You may learn slower or have trouble doing some things physically but you’re still a human being. People should respect people with disabilities more.

Comment by adesi

I dont think people with disabilities are treated fair because some people are rude and make fun of them and stare at them. I think everyone should treat them like the way they would want to be treated.

Comment by rsarah

This really connects to what we saw at the assembly today. Mr. Hamilton mentioned how he goes out in public and people think it’s his responsibility to tell them why he’s in a wheelchair. I thought about this when we were in the assembly today. What a shame it is that people make public spectacles of people who have disabilities.

Comment by Miss Fowler

rsarah i think you are right and people should not be as rude

Comment by mudisfun10

I agree with basically everyone, I think I treat people with disabilites the same as everyone else. Sometimes I do judge, though. Like at the assembly today, most people would assume he has a mental disablity even though he is perfectly normal, he just can’t walk. Some people over exaggerate.

Comment by kligsfosho

I thought about that too Miss Fowler. But no one can say when they see someone in a wheelchair, they dont wonder what happened to them.

Comment by gdpeter

I think people with disabilities should be treated like normal people. They just have to over come great obsticles. Like the man in the assembly said that just because you are in a weel chair, or have a disablities doesnt mean there not actual people.

Comment by trayyd

People treat people with disabilities different from people who are not mentally challenged. Sometimes, people will laugh or stare at a mentally challenged person just because they are different. They should be treated with respect like everyone else should in this world.

Comment by emearhart

A lot of people in the world treat people who they see as different, differently. Because someone is not the same as you or me it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t treat them the way people treat us. You do have to treat some people with disabilities differently because of their specific problem, but you should never look down on them. Also the man who spoke at the assembly was at my track practice after school, he was wheeling around the track along with us running. We talked to him and he’s just a regular, genuine person, just because he’s in a wheel chair doesn’t mean he’s different as a person.

Comment by DavidOBrien722

People treat them like they don’t know anything or like they can’t do anything but they should be treated like any other person.

Comment by nwantoinette

DavidO – Thanks for sharing your experience with Mr. Hamilton. I hope his assembly spoke to everyone the way it spoke to me.

There’s a story that I’ll share with you in class about a family friend.

Comment by Miss Fowler

I have seen people with disabilitys and they are usually treated very kindly and I treat them kindly too.

Comment by FSTARR

I know kids with disabilities and they say that they don’t want to be treated special and that the just want to be treated like eveyone else.

Comment by ice165

My grandparents are disabled, so if I see anybody disrespecting disabled people,I hate it and tell them immediately to stop

Comment by cghirohito

I know someone with a disability and people treat him respectfully and give him a little more attention then they do anyone else. Usually when someone sees another person who is disabled they stare at them, which i think is rude.

Comment by kaitlinx0

People treat other people who have disabilities as sort of outsiders and they look at them sort of strange because you can usually tell when people are mentally disabled and people will teat them differently either a lttle nicer because they know they cant understand or meaner because they ar mental but they should probably treat them the same.

Comment by seanfl

People treat peple with disabilites different then “normal” people. I think that they should be treated with respect and just like everyone else.

Comment by knwilliam

people treat people with mental problems differently because they think that those people are stupid and cant understand anything. People should treat everyone the same because everyone is a person no matter if their slow then some people or not.

Comment by derrty

I see people with disabilities everyday and they are treated fairly. The teachers help them get around.

Comment by clgarland

I see people with disabilities everyday and they are treated fairly. The teachers help them get around. They get special treatment because they need it.

Comment by clgarland

some people unestimate people with a mental disabitily. my cousin has downsyndrome and he gets “special” attention from others and his phgysical therapist. i think that they shouldnt treat him so differently because then he would only be treated that way because of his condition. if he were to break something people dont yell at him to much. but if his brother were to break something or do anything wrong he would get punished differnt.

Comment by xochanel

i see people treat other people that have disabilities really bad like some people don’t want to be their partner in class activies some people think that they’ll better then people with disabilities and other times people often stare. In my opinion i think thats really mean to make fun of someone cause their different then you, and that you shouldn’t always judge a book by it’s cover.

Comment by jessicaxo

I have seen many disabled people but people treat them poorly most of the time.

Comment by timmypp

yes i have seen people with disabilities .one is my cuz he was born with a disabilities and when i here people make fun of them i want to hit them so hard that they will be nock out

Comment by jdkeller

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