Of Mice and Men

The Interview
April 1, 2007, 10:08 pm
Filed under: Chapter 2

How did the actual interview go? Do you think Lennie messed things up for George and himself? Or was George to blame? Back up your opinions!


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I dont think the interview went well. I think this because the boss probably thinks that lennie isn’t self sufficent and that he might be too big of a hassel. I think George was the one to blame because wouldn’t you think the boss would be suspicious if the person they hirded couldn’t talk?

Comment by fraglerock

It was all Georges’ fault.The interview would have gone better if Lennie was allowed to talk. That made him look suspicious.

Comment by clgarland

I think the interview went okay, but it would of beem better if Lennie had said more it would of been less suspisious. If I were the boss i would find it very strange if only one person was talking.

Comment by doplato

I think the interview went good enough, but I think Lennie should be able to talk for himself, at least when he’s spoken to because it looked very odd that a grown man was not speaking for himself. George should at least allow Lennie to speak when he’s spoken to and go over what Lennie should or should not say, so he does not mess up their job opportunity .

Comment by nb14

i think that the interveiw went fairly well. but their boss will probally wacth them a lot closer then they would other workers.

Comment by proxballa

i think the interview went ok, not bad but could of gone a little bit better. I do not think that Lennie messed things up for him & George. I beleive that it is George who made the mistake because the boss has a feeling something is up because George would not let Lennie tale for himself.

Comment by jjspencer

I think the interview went pretty good.I think George messed up the interview because he kept talking fot Lennie. Lennie probably would have answered the questions himself. Plus the boss directed some questions directly to Lennie not George.

Comment by skatergirl55

I think the interview went terrible. The boss seemed like he was getting frustrated at George for answering all the questions that were directed to Lennie. George is definitely to blame because he could have told Lennie how to answer some of the questions, I think Lennie did fine.

Comment by rsborn

The interview didn’t go as George had hoped. The boss seemed mad that Lennie didn’t talk for himself. He told them that they were to work that day though so he must have seen something good about George and Lennie.

Comment by adesi

Congrats. You have a good handle on chapter 2!

Comment by Miss Fowler

The interview didnt go as george wanted it to. the boss was getting mad because Lennie wasnt talking and george wouldnt let Lennie talk.

Comment by jalouis

I think George was to blame because he’s the one who told Lennie not to say anything. I don’t think Lennie messed things up but i think the boss will keep a close eye on him.

Comment by laurenxxs

I think the interview went ok to say the least. George defintally had the wrong idea of only him talking. The boss had some suspicions of why Lennie wasn’t talking.

Comment by gdpeter

The interview was obviously good enough to get them the job, but it didn’t go as smooth as it could have. I think George was so caught up in speaking for Lennie so they could get the job that he ignored how suspicious he looked constantly talking for another man.

Comment by DavidOBrien722

I think the interview went pretty good and I think George screwed it up a little because he made them late.

Comment by nwantoinette

The interview did not go smoothly but I dont like that George ruinned it for the both of them.

Comment by FSTARR

I think it was georges fault because if lennie talked then i think the lennie would of did awesome.I think that the boss will still like him and keep a good eye out for him.

Comment by psgeiger

i think the interview went fine because they got the job, didnt they? and the only problem was that georgew wouldnt leave lennie alone about not talking i mean wouldnt the boss know what his disability is and wouldnt he undestand him better if he just talked?

Comment by cghirohito

I think the interview didnt go as well as George planned. George wouldnt let Lennie answer any of the wuestions for himself and I think the boss thought that was a little strange. Lennie didnt ruin it for them but I think George did because he was too controlling and it made them look suspicious.

Comment by kaitlinx0

I think the interview went pretty well for Lennie and George, although George not only started off on the wrong foot by showing up late with Lennie but got the boss a little irratated when he kept on speaking for Lennie when the boss wanted to speak to Lennie himself. Other than that I think the boss likes the two and knows that Lennie is big and strong and looks like he has the potential to be a good worker.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

The interview went alright. lennie messed up a little by talking, but other than that, it went well. Lennie was to blame. He suffers from a mental disability, and talked when asked not to.

Comment by nw61

I think that the interview didnt go to smooth because George wasnt leting Lennie talk for himself even though he was a little slow himself. also think that the boss was feeling strage because the fact that George was answering the questions for the both of them and no himself.

Comment by summers27

I think Lennie didnt mess anything up with the interview. I think that maybe George should of let Lennie talk a little bit.

Comment by derrty

i think the interview went well and george should have told the boss that lennie was slow but still a good worker and listener

Comment by kkbruce

I think it went well besides the fact that Lennie started talking, and George got upset. I also think it would have been a good idea to tell the boss about Lennies disability, but that he was still a good worker.

Comment by jessnick1992

I think that the interview went well other than Lennie starting to talk. I dont think he messed up the interview, but I think that it would have been a good idea for George to tell the boss about Lennies disability.

Comment by jessnick1992

I don’t think Lennie messed up the interveiw at all. He didn’t know what to do or say. The boss just didn’t know that he has a disability

Comment by rachypachy

Everyone whose posted comments thinks that George should have let Lennie talk, but Lennie didn’t know what to say or do, so it really wasn’t anyones fault.

Comment by rachypachy

i think its both of there faults because george shouldnt make lennie not speak.but lennie would mess things up.

Comment by sortisio92

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