Of Mice and Men

April 4, 2007, 1:26 pm
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What do you think the rabbits represent?


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I think rabbits represent in this story, something that both Lennie and George want to have as a pet. This would shows that they have simmilar interests. Also this represent something that George and Lennie always wanted, like a goal for both of them to have some day.

Comment by nb14

I think the rabbits represent a part of a dream that both lennie and Geogre share. In this dream they have a nice house and their own ranch. This way there days of hard labor will be over and they will be the boss.

Comment by ice165

I think the rabbits represent the goals that lennie and george have, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

Comment by cghirohito

The rabbits could have many meanings. One possible meaning could be that the rabbits represents Georges and Lennies goals/dreams, like the dream of owning a farm. I also think everyone in the story is a rabblit and they don’t all get along in their big pen (the farm).

Comment by doplato

I think the rabbits represent dreams. These are the dreams that Lennie loves and hold close to him. These are also the dreams that are nice to look at and hold in yuor hands but can often run away from you just like an actual rabbit.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

i think that the rabit represents teh dream that lennie has. I think it represents them haveing a better life. I think that everything that happens on this farm will determine if their dream will come true or not.

Comment by apeters

I think that the rabbits represent the dreams of Lennie and George. They both want a ranch of their own. Lennie wants rabbits as pets on his and George’s ranch.

Comment by nw61

I think that the rabbits represent a sense of freedom from hard work to both George and Lennie.

Comment by adesi

I think that the rabbits represent Lennies and Geroges life together. This shows that they are able to own a farm and they have many dreams to be together. There able to take care of each other and things around them.

Comment by 10love

I think the rabbits represent hope hope that the boys will get a better life one day its something to look forward to

Comment by mudisfun10

i think the rabits represent hope that one day lennie and george will make it on their own

Comment by epszczolkowski

doplato – Very interesting ideas.

Many of you have mentioned hope. I think you’re on to something.

Comment by Miss Fowler

I think te rabbits represents the fram they are going to have one day.

Comment by jktubman

I think that the rabbits are part of the goal they want to reach. I also think that it is what helps Lennie stay out of trouble. George sometimes uses it as sort of like a bribe or even a reward for Lennie’s behavior. I wonder how long it will work for though.

Comment by curlygrace13

I think the rabbits are something that Lennie could look forward to in life and take care of.

Comment by laurenxxs

i think the rabbit represnt a similarity between George & Lennie, they both are very different but have few things thing in common.

Comment by jjspencer

I think the rabbits represent a goal George and Lennie want to accomplish. They want to get enough money to buy a farm and they want to have rabbits on their farm.

Comment by emearhart

I think rabbits represent a dream to George and Lennie and that this is what is going to help them not get in trouble.

Comment by nwantoinette

I think the rabbits represent Lennies dreams for the farm him and George want to get when they get the money.

Comment by jessnick1992

I think the rabbits are just something for Lennie to look forward to so he can tend the rabbits and feel like he’s doing something important.

Comment by skatergirl55

I think rabbits represent a dream. I think this because Lennie dreams about tending the rabbits on their farm that they look forward to having.

Comment by wamanda

I think the rabbits represent responsibility. Lennie has to be resoonsible to tend the rabbits

Comment by rachypachy

I agree with rachypachy that the rabbits represent responsibility and how he would have to tend them.

Comment by summers27

In this story the rabbits represent hope and dreams.

Comment by timmypp

The rabbits in this story are a symbol of the dream that many of the characters have. Lennie dreams of having a farm with lots of rabbits. All of the characters in this novel have a dream of something better or greater. In Lennie’s case these rabbits symbolize independence and a chance to prove to George that he can be gentle and caring. The rabbits also symbolize the desire to have power. Nearly everything that Lennie comes in contact with, he hurts or kills because he is so simple. So if Lennie had rabbits he would be in charge of what happened to them so if one died he would not get in trouble for it.

Comment by Cassidy Houston

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