Of Mice and Men

George and Lennie
April 16, 2007, 10:01 am
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How did George initially treat Lennie? What are your thought on this?



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George initially treated Lennie badly. He made him do stupid things because Lennie would do anything George said. I think this is terrible and disrespectful.

Comment by rsborn

George initially treated Lennie kind of like a dog, because he always bossed him around

Comment by cghirohito

George tearts Lennie like a child or a puppy/dog, because he has to look out for him like you do a puppy/dog. I think it’s not right thathe treats him like that, he may need to be watched after but he should still treat him the the real human being he is.

Comment by jjspencer

George treats Lennie initially like some kind of pet or little child that he can just boss around. I feel bad for Lennie that he really has no other choice or way to survive but by staying with George. Even though Lennie is much bigger than George, i think he knows that he needs George and he respects him for taking care of him.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

George treats lennie bad in the beginning. He used to pick on him cause he isnt smart. I don’t George should have done that.

Comment by jktubman

George took advantage of Lennie. It was kind of sad. I think when Lennie could have died is when George’s eyes were truly opened and realized that he really cared for LEnnie and if he were to be gone then he would REALLY miss Lennie.

Comment by curlygrace13

George Initially treated Lennie Badly because he would do anything George said without retaliation so George made Lennie do stupid things. This made me think that George ws a bully.

Comment by nwantoinette

George intially treated Lennie poorly, and disrespectfully, but when he was telling Slim about Weed he started to kind of regret the things he’s done to Lennie. I don’t think George should have treated him like he was a toy, but i think he now realizes how poorly he treated his friend.

Comment by davidobrien722

I thought that George didn’t treat Lennie very well at first. I think what George does to Lennie is the only way that George knows how to get a point across to Lennie. There are many different ways that George could’ve treated Lennie, I just think that he doesn’t have the patience to do so.

Comment by laurenxxs

I thought that George was treating Lennie poorly at first. And how George tells Lennie that if he gets in trouble hat he wont be able to tend the rabbits when they get farm.

Comment by summers27

i think that george just trys to look out for Lennie and by doing that sometimes he mistreates lennie.

Comment by derrty

George initially made fun of Lennie and used to take advantage of his disability to make him do things. I think that it was very rude for George to do because Lennies disability is not his fault.

Comment by jacquiem

George and Lennie are up and down from the beginning. I believe George really cares about Lennie alot, but he just gets frustrated a alot, which is understandable. He bossed him around.

Comment by kligsfosho

George initially treated Lennie poorly.George bosses Lennie around because Lennie gets him frustated.

Comment by clgarland

i think george treated lennie as a slave innitionly but as the book went on i think that changed and because of lennies mental status i think that keeps him in line and out of trouble

Comment by kkbruce

George used to take advantage of Lennie. I think this was wrong of George to take advantage of Lennie because Lennie is slow and doesn’t know what George is doing.

Comment by emearhart

george woould mess with lennie because it was fun and he did not think any thing about it. now lennie sticks up for lennie and i guess that you can say that they are best friends.

Comment by ms07

Initially, George takes advantage of Lennie. George knows that Lennie will do whatever he tells him to do. I think that George learned not to have Lennie do anythng stupid anymore after the problem with Lennie not being able to swim that day.

Comment by wamanda

I think george treats lennie badly like hes a little boy.I think so because he treats him like hes the boss or like hes his dad.

Comment by psgeiger

I think george treats lennie badly like hes a little boy.I think so because he treats him like hes the boss or like hes his dad.I think its terrible.

Comment by psgeiger

Initially, George found ways to take advantage of Lennie. George treated Lennie with very little respect. I don’t like the fact that George took advantage of a mentally ill person.

Comment by nw61

At first Lennie treated him badly, but then he began to treat him nicely. I dont like the fact that George tries to take advantage of Lennie, and Lennie doesn’t realise that its happening because hes slow.

Comment by jessnick1992

At first George told Lennie to do stupid and dangerous stuff all because he would listen to him and George thought it was funny. I don’t care if anyone has a disability or not it’s not right to do stuff like that.

Comment by skatergirl55

He plays father towards Lennie. He acts like Lennie is a little boy, but Lennie is like a big baby

Comment by rachypachy

George used to be mean to lennie and take advantage of him, but he almost drowned so he stopped.

Comment by lilfragale1723

George took advantage of Lennie and his slowness and he almost made Lennie drown so he stopped.

Comment by rwpollock

george changes his mind about lennie a lot of times.sometimes he said how he would be better off if lennie wouldnt be with him,and other times he treats him like a brother.

Comment by sortisio92

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