Of Mice and Men

Andy Cushman
April 17, 2007, 11:49 am
Filed under: Chapter 3, Characters

Who is he? What’s his importance?


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who is who

Comment by kkbruce

yes who is who who are we talking about?

Comment by epszczolkowski

He went to elementary school in Lennie and George’s old town. I don’t really know what his imprtance is.

Comment by laurenxxs

what laurenxxs said
IT took me a while to think of who he is though.
ANDY CUSHMAN= not really important.

Comment by curlygrace13

Is he the person that went to elementary school with George and Lennie who is in jail now for rape, or something along those lines? He’s important because Lennie could get in trouble for doing something like he did.

Comment by davidobrien722

I dont know who were talking about. So i think hes not real and not important.

Comment by psgeiger

I dont know who were talking about. So i think hes not real and not important.I guess he went to lennie and georges elementary schools.

Comment by psgeiger

Andy Cushman is a man that went to School with George and Lennie. I don’t know how this serves a purpose yet.

Comment by nw61

He is a man who went to school with Lennie and George. He is important because Lennie can get in trouble for the same thing he got in trouble for.

Comment by jessnick1992

I don’t remember who he is? can someone explain?

Comment by rachypachy

He is a man that George and Lennie went to school with in their old town. I really dont know why he is important though.

Comment by derrty

Andy Churshman is an important person who went to school with Lennie & George & i have no idea why he is imporatant or anything else about him.

Comment by jjspencer


Comment by apeters

He is a person who went to school with lennie and george. I am not sure why he is importent.

Comment by rwpollock

i dont think there is a importance in him…he went to lennie or georges school or somthing like that

Comment by sortisio92

Andy Cushman was a boy who used to go to school with George and Lennie. George used him as an example of what a woman can do to a man- he had ended up in San Quentin prison on account of a girl. Details are not given as to what he was convicted of doing to the girl. He is of no huge significance, he was just George’s example of what could happen to Lennie.

Comment by Grace Curtis

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