Of Mice and Men

Death of Dog
April 17, 2007, 11:52 am
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What’s Candy’s reaction to the death of his dog?


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Candy doesn’t react he jut lays in his bed and looks at the sealing.

Comment by jktubman

Candy reacts by being silient and when the dog is about to be killed he looks up at the ceiling and pretends like everythings all right, even though it is not.

Comment by nb14

Candy seems worried and regretting letting his dog get killed. He just lays on his back staring at the ceiling, when he finially here’s the gunshot, he turns over and closes his eyes.

Comment by taylorrr

Candy is sad, and worried on the inside, but tries to to show his emotions to much on the outside, by turning over and just facing the ceiling, avoiding contact with others.

Comment by busses

Candy is upset about his dead dog because he had him since he was a pup and Candy grew so close to the dog.

Comment by nwantoinette

I think Candy handled his dogs death pretty well. He was silent and just waited until it was done. I think everyone made the right choice even though he did not want his dog to die.

Comment by gdpeter

Candy is really sad for losing his dog because they grew on each other over the years, it was hard for him to let it go. He did and he took it well even though no one really cared about the dog exept him.

Comment by doplato

Candy was sad about the death of his dog, and he wasn’t expecting everyone to pretty much gang up on him to kill his dog.

Comment by knwilliam

Candy was sad on the inside but he wasn’t showing his emotion on the outside when his dog died. Candy was just silent.

Comment by emearhart

Candy was reluctant, but he felt he needed to let it happen; to be tough. I really don’t know why he would’ve let someone kill his dog if he really did love it.

Comment by davidobrien722

Candys reaction was he just layed on his back and staired at the cieling and when he heard the gun shot he rolled over on his side.

Comment by fstarr

candy is upset that his dog had to be shoot because he had him so long. he is very upset and he does not respond when people try to cheer him up. when he shoot the dog he rolled over in his bed and did not say anything.

Comment by ms07

Candy’s reaction to the death of his dog is unsure. He seems very upset but, he hides it.

Comment by adesi

Candy is upset about the death of his dog because he’s had him for such a long time, and now he is gone. He trys to hide his feelings.

Comment by 10kmiller

Candy is very sad about the death of his dog, it is hard for him to let go, as portrayed in the parts leading up to his dog’s death

Comment by cghirohito

Candy is upset about the death of his dog but he doesn’t really show anyone but George or Lennie.

Comment by jacquiem

I think that Candy was really shocked and depressed about his dog, and he wasn’t expecting that to happen. I don’t think he showed his emotions to anybody because he just layed on the bed and stared at the cieling.

Comment by kligsfosho

Candy was really upset after letting one of they guys shoot his dog. Candy excluded himself from the rest of the group and stayed silent for awhile.

Comment by kaitlinx0

Candy is really sad when Carlson takes his dog outside to shoot him. Candy tries not to show too much emotion, by rolling over on his side and looking at the ceiling.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

Candy is sad but dosent really show that he is sad because he just lays there staring at the ceiling.

Comment by seanfl

candy seems allmost heart struck as his dog which he lived with for how many years was just put down by a stranger but when george and lennie mentioned the house his mood britend a little

Comment by kkbruce

Candy didn’t wan his dog dead because he has had it since he as younger. He just layed in silence and didn’t say anything.

Comment by evanhouty

Candy’s reaction to the death of his dog is sad. He has had that dog ever since he was a puppy and he used to be a good strong dog. To cheer him up Slim offers to let him have one of his dog’s puppies.

Comment by xochanel


Comment by curlygrace13

I think Candys reaction is sad because he had the dog since he was a baby and he was real close to him.

Comment by psgeiger

Candy is very sad about the death of his dog. He lays silently on his bed while it is taking place.

Comment by wamanda

Candy’s sad because he’s been with that dog ever since it was a puppy.

Comment by skatergirl55

What does Candy say when he’s talking to George and Lennie after all of the drama (about his dog’s death)?

Comment by Miss Fowler

Candy’s sad because hes been with that dog for so long that it was hard for him to let go. He had it since he was a pup and he wanted the dog to just die on its own not to kill the dog when it was still alive.

Comment by bschultz123

He did not really do anything but lay on his bed and not talk to anyone.

Comment by sk8er4ever221

When the dog is first shot, he won’t speak, he just lays there and stares. He’s upset but he tries to hide it.

Comment by rachypachy

When the dog gets shot Candy just lays on his bed faceing the wall upset because he had the dog sence he was only a pup.

Comment by summers27

candy’s reaction to his dog being killed was sad and regreful.

Comment by timmypp

Candys reaction as stated by other people is why george shot lennie

Comment by mudisfun10

candy just lays in the corner and does talk or do nothing after they kill his dog

Comment by apeters

he new it was comming but was upset

Comment by klumpy

Candy’s reaction is that he is sad and he knows that he should of killed his own dog insted of letting someone else do it for him.

Comment by rwpollock

he is sad because his dog has always been there with him

Comment by xochanel

he was mad because if any thing he should of been the one to kill the dog not carlson and he didnt think that the dog needed to die yet

Comment by jdkeller

candy was very sad,he didnt want to show it but the guys in the cabin just knew he was

Comment by sortisio92

Candy is devastated by the death of his dog, it appeared to be his only true friend. If you analyse Steinbeck’s use of language, it reaveals Candy’s sheer desperation. ‘Silence invaded the room’, very powerful stuff!

Comment by mrsfadipe

what is the reasoning for the whole lonlyness to candy tho??

Comment by Jessi Lambert

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