Of Mice and Men

Scare Easily?
April 17, 2007, 11:52 am
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What startles George and Lennie when they’re talking about the farm?


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When George and Lennie are talking about the farm, it scares them when Candy joins in the conversation

Comment by cghirohito

When George and Lennie start talking about the farm that their going to get, they notice that Candy is listening to them the whole time. Candy starts to tell them that he wants to be part of their plan and that he will put in money and help out on he farm.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

The fact the Candy listened in & in on what they were talking about scared George & Lennie

Comment by jjspencer

that candy was interested in getting in with them on the house.

Comment by kkbruce

The fact that Candy was listening to their conversation startles George and Lennie. Candy then tells George and Lennie that he would help pitch in money for the farm if he can live with them.

Comment by emearhart

They wre startled when they figured out that candy was listebing in on their conversation.

Comment by 10kmiller

They were startled when they found out that Candy had been listening and wants to join in on the deal.

Comment by laurenxxs

They’re startled when Candy joins in in the conversation about the farm. They forgot about him because he was being so quiet.

Comment by davidobrien722

They were startled becasue when they were talking about the farm Candy joined in and wanted to go with them and was going to help them pay.

Comment by rsarah

Lennie and George were startled when Candy starts to talk to them about joining with them as partners to buy that farm because they never knew that Candy was listning the whole time in their conversation.

Comment by nb14

They were startled when Candy began to talk to them about the farm, and they didn’t know that he was listening to the conversation.

Comment by jessnick1992

Candy wants to be involved in this farm.

Comment by skatergirl55

they got starteled because practically everyone now wants to come with them.

Comment by epszczolkowski

Candy did, they didn’t think that anyone was listening and they didn’t really want anyone to hear what their plan for the future was. But in the end it was a good thing beucase it got them one step furthering into owning their own land one day because now Candy is in on it too.

Comment by knwilliam

Candy scared them and they told him about their dreams Candy wants to join at their house and he helps pay.

Comment by clgarland

Lenny and george were startled by the easdropper candy

Comment by mudisfun10

Lenny and george were startled by their easdropper candy

Comment by mudisfun10

Candy was listining on in the conversation and Gerorge and Lennie got like really scared because they didn’t want anyone to know their plan.

Comment by jessicaxo

they were startled because candy wants to go with them.

Comment by ms07

George and Lennie were startled because Candy asked to go with them on the farm.

Comment by wamanda

When George and Lennie were talking about the farm they got scared when Candy over herd their conversation and joined in on it.

Comment by derrty

Candy startles them

Comment by timmypp

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