Of Mice and Men

The Farm
April 17, 2007, 11:51 am
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What does the farm that George and Lennie want represent?



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I think the farm that George and Lennie wants represents a goal that they want to accomplish and a dream of a better life. But the only way they will be able to get this is to find stable work and to not mess their job up, like in Weed.

Comment by nb14

The fram is a dream, a goal, something that keeps them going every day. When you have a purpose or a goal is that much easier to keep going. Like when you run a race your goal is to stay ahead of the other people and just make it to the end. WHen something is in the way of your dream you push harder to get there. Lennie and George come through some difficulties and sometimes they have a harder time because of Lennie, but at the end of the day when they feel like giving up they have their dreams to remind them of what it is all for.

Comment by curlygrace13

The farm they want is their lifes goal of being happy, and living the life they always dreamed of. They will do anything like bucking barley so they can reach it.

Comment by doplato

The farm represents their hopes and dreams, and their friendship. They want to live together happily, but they have to work to achieve their dream.

Comment by davidobrien722

The farm represents a better life. It represents what they want to be able to do. They want to live together easily and be laid back about things but still have to work.

Comment by jacquiem

The farm that George and Lennie want’s represents everything their working for in life and what they desire deep down. With all the ideas they have about running it and how it’s going to be, they’re pretty set on what they want in life and are working hard to get there.

Comment by kligsfosho

The farm that Lennie and George want represents how they want to be independent and succesfull in life and not just working for other people but for themselves.

Comment by seanfl

There hopes and dreams and the idea of them having somthing to look forward to in life.

Comment by kkbruce

The farm the two or now three will be purchaseing represents power to there minds. it will mean alot not having to work for others but to improve your own home

Comment by mudisfun10

The farm represents Lennie and George’s dreams and goals. They want to stop being migrant workers and settle down and own something for themselves.

Comment by laurenxxs

The farm they want represents George and Lennies dreams.

Comment by jessnick1992

The farm represents their dreams and something to look forward to. So that they have something good to look forward to.

Comment by skatergirl55

This farm represents their dreams. This shows what the are working for and their goals in life.

Comment by wamanda

The farm represents a dream that one day lennie and george won’t have to work on a farm no more. that they could just live in harmony.

Comment by epszczolkowski

The farm represents the American dream to George and Lennie and how important it is to them.

Comment by nwantoinette

The farm represents a dream !

Comment by rachypachy

The farm represents George’s and Lennie’s hopes and dream of the future.

Comment by knwilliam

The farm they are at represents Georges and Lennies dreams.

Comment by summers27

The farm George & Lennie want represns their dream.

Comment by jjspencer

The farm that George and Lennie want represents their dreams and a new life.

Comment by clgarland

This farm repersents George and Lennies dreams for their life. It also repersents a new and better lfe for the both of them.

Comment by derrty

I think it represents freedom, because they dont own anything and have to work for a boss.

Comment by lilfragale1723

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The Farm | Of Mice and Men

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