Of Mice and Men

Crooks and a Dream
April 19, 2007, 12:11 pm
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What is Crooks’ reaction to “The Dream” when Lennie and Candy let him know what’s going on?


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Crook’s says that the dream is not going come true because, he has seen so many men walk through that farm and each of them wanted land but none of them got it.

Comment by doplato

crook’s reaction to ‘the dream’ was you guys are talkin crazy talk. then he got all mad becayse he wasn’t allowed in the bunkhouse

Comment by mudisfun10

Crooks reaction to “The Dream” is that Lennie & George are nuts. He says he has seen many guys say the same thing but “The Dream” never came true from them & he says that the same thing will happen to them.

Comment by jjspencer

Crook’s reaction was thinking that they were crazy. He told Lennie and Candy that he has seen alot of people having the same dream of land.

Comment by skatergirl55

Crooks likes the idea of living on their own and tells them if they need a hand he wouldn’t mind working for them

Comment by cghirohito

Crooks’ reaction to “The Dream” is that it’s not going to happen because he’s seen many workers dream of having land and then they don’t get the money and get fired. They never get their land.

Comment by adesi

When they told Crook’s about thier dream to get a house of thier own he thought they were crazy. Crook’s dosent think that will happen because he’s seen a lot of men say that and it never happened.

Comment by kaitlinx0

crooks thaught that lennie was never goning to get the ranch with the rabits because hsaid he had seen more than enough guys come through here with that same dream.

everyone- do you think that george and lennie are different and will get a ranch for themselves with rabits for lennie to tend?

Comment by epszczolkowski

epszczolkowski – Great question! I can’t wait to hear answers.

Everyone – When does Crooks’ reaction change? He’s hesitant at first, and then he wants to join them. WHY does he change his mind?

Comment by Miss Fowler

Crooks reaction was that he thought that they were crazy. He said that every man has had that idea in their head and they never do what their going to say that they want to own land.

Comment by knwilliam

crooks wants in and because of that he is willing to do what ever it takes to get his dream

Comment by kkbruce

Crooks thought the “dream” was crazy and then he offered to go in with them and then hhe backed out.

Comment by seanfl

Crooks kept on saying that their dream would never happen and that they are nuts. Then he said that if they would like, he would work on the farm for no pay,

Comment by emearhart

Crooks was shocked that they almost fufilled there dream and he wanted to be apart of it.

Comment by evanhouty

When they told Crookes about there “dream” about getting a house o their own he thought they were nuts. He doesnt think it will happen because he has seen to many people that are migrant workers who say that and it never happens.

Comment by trayyd

Crooks has been at the ranch for a long time and has seen alot of people with the same dream. He doesn’t think that they could do it but when he finds out that they almost have enough money he wants to be a part of it.

Comment by swgama

Crooks wants to be a part of “the dream”.

Comment by jacquiem

Crooks reaction to the dream is that he says he has seen too many people come to this job wanting the “dream” and leaving because they spend all of their money.

Comment by nwantoinette

Crooks thinks the dream is unrealistic, he’s seen too many people go by saying the same exact thing, but never actually achieve anything. He does change his mind though when they tell him about how much money they’ve saved, and he sees Candy and Lennie as potential friends; Crooks is lonely and he denys people’s company but deep down he really wants friendship.

Comment by davidobrien722

crooks thinks that their dream is unrealistic. later we find out that he beleives them and wants to go with them.

Comment by ms07

Crook’s thought that they wre crazy and it couldn’t happen. Then he actually believes them later on.

Comment by 10kmiller

Crook thinks at first thst the dream they had was not real. But finds out different and wants to o with them.

Comment by janisd

crook at first thought that it couldnt happen and evryone thinks they have a place off land to go to but then candy and lennie get crooks into it and he wants to join them in there american dream.

Comment by jalouis

Crooks reaction to their dream was that they could never accomplish it. he said he has seen many men them and no one ever did it.

Comment by rachypachy

When George and Lennie told crook’s about their dream he thought that they were crazy and told them that alot of guys said that they were going to follow their dreams but none of them ever succeded in their dreams.So he doesn’t think that they’ll make it that far.

Comment by jessicaxo

Crooks says his dream wont come true because of all the men he seen in the past who came through and said that they would go and own some land but they never got the chance to do it so he thinks that he wont get he land either

Comment by summers27

Crooks says that his dream won’t come true and that he was crazy for thinking something like that would actually happend. Crooks also said that he has heard a lot of men say that, but it has never actually happend.

Comment by jessnick1992

Crooks says that his dream is just a dream because no one that comes to that barn ever lives their dream.

Comment by derrty

When Lennie tells Crooks there dream of a little house Crooks says that it will never happen and he had seen many people with the same idea fail.

Comment by timmypp

Crooks believes that the dream will never happen. He sees it happen all of the time.

Comment by clgarland

Crooks believe dreams like this never occur, just like others normal reaction to “getting out of there, and getting their own place” it’s just not going to happen.

Comment by busses

Crooks reaction was that he doubt it ever happening. He knew too many men that wanted that dream and no one had it actually come true.

Comment by wamanda

He laughed and did not believe in lennie and george beecause no one ever achieved thier goal

Comment by lilfragale1723

He laughed and said that will never happen. Because everyone said that and never achived it.

Comment by rwpollock

he said it was impossoble because thats what everyone wants to do and theres always somthing that stops them

Comment by sortisio92

he tells them that they are crasy because every body says that they will be doing that but no one does but i think that he said it cause he wanted to do that same thing

Comment by jdkeller

Crooks said that the dream was stupid and unrealistic. He also mentioned that many men have come into the ranch with a big idea of getting land and building their farm.

During the first couple pages of chapter 4. Crooks told Lennie about how his dad used to own a farm. Maybe one of the reasons he asked if he could work for them is to restore that memory he had working on a farm tending to the animals, picking ripe fruits and veggies. Lennie kept on going about the rabbits and the land and how George already stored up the money in the bank and Candy mentioned to Lennie on how they could profit some money out of the rabbits, this made Crooks think that this may be a possibility for them to purchase the land and cultivate it.

Closer to the end of the chapter, Crooks decided to back out. He said that he was just joking. Maybe that wasn’t his dream to chase.

Comment by Theodora Etokimo

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