Of Mice and Men

Crooks and Lennie
April 19, 2007, 12:07 pm
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Crooks takes advantage of Lennie’s unintelligence. What is your opinion about that?


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I think that was very mean. Lennie isn’t smart thats not his fault people shouldn’t take that as an advantage, and be rude or scare him.

Comment by doplato

I thought the way Lennie was treated was very bad. I seems that Lennie is basically the only friend on the farm and the only person that gives him respect and I don’t understand why you would hurt someone who’s just trying to be nice to you.

Comment by nb14

Crooks or anybody else should never take advantage of someone not as smart as you. I think Crooks did this because he has no power over anyone else because of the color of his skin.

Comment by rsborn

crooks should have never taken advantage of lennie like he started to do in chapter four. i thaught lennie and him would have got along because they are both different. maybe who knows they might become best friends?!

Comment by epszczolkowski

I think that Crook does take advantage of Lennie’s unintelligence because he tries to be nice to Lennie at first to make Lennie like him. Then Crook asks person questions of George but Lennie stuck up for George and I don’t think that he said anything wrong.

Comment by laurenxxs

Epszczolkowski, I don’t believe that Crooks and Lennie will become best friends. Crooks used Lennies unintelligence to get want he wanted to know, Crooks is minipulative and shouldn’t have used Lennie.

Comment by davidobrien722

I think that Crook had no right to do that and it was a very mean thing to do.

Comment by wamanda

I feel bad for lennie because he is slow and its rude that people take advantage of him.

Comment by psgeiger

I feel bad for Lennie. Lennie is slow and didn’t know he was being takeing advantage of.

Comment by jktubman

I think people should leave Lennie alone because he is a hard worker and a nice person. Its not his fault that he is a lilttle slow.

Comment by derrty

I find it wrong when Crooks takes advantage of Lennie’s unintelligence. I felt/feel bad for Lennie when Crooks did that, he sound not of done that to Lennie, he amy be different & not as bright so there is NO reason for him to do what he did. It was rude ,mean & just out right wrong.

Comment by jjspencer

I don’t think it’s right for Crooks to take advantage of Lennie just because he has a dissability. I mean Lennie doesn’t make fun of Crooks for having a bad back or anything.

Comment by skatergirl55

I think that’s not right because how would you feel if it was you and he doesn’t understand sarcasm like a normal person would because of his disability

Comment by cghirohito

Crooks takes advantage of Lennie’s disability. This is nt right because he would probably feel threatened just the way that Lennie did if someone took advantage of Crooks because if his disability.

Comment by adesi

I’m glad to see that all of you think Crooks did something wrong here. He shouldn’t have taken advantage of Lennie!

Do you think Lennie will hold this against Crooks?

Comment by Miss Fowler

I dont think that it was nice of Crooks to take advantage of Lennie like that. He can’t help it that he was born that way and all his life he got taken advantage of and even though he’s such a big guy he doesn’t know any better to protect himself.

Comment by knwilliam

crooks probly does that because he is used to being taken advantege of so when he got his chance to make fun or a white person he jumps on the situation but what crooks dosent realize is that lennie is to gullible to take a joke and becomes violent when the situation arizes

Comment by kkbruce

I think it is very wrong that Crooks was taking advantage of Lennie’s illness because Lennie has no idea that he is doing it. No one should ever take advantage of a mentally ill person because they can’t help the way they are.

Comment by emearhart

Crooks tried to take advantage of Lennie but alll he was thinking about was the rabits so it didn’t matter. It wasn’t the rght thing for Crooks to do.

Comment by evanhouty

I think that crooks shouldnt have taken advantage of lennie. It isnt nice to do something like that to anyone. And it will effect him more because he has a mental illness.

Comment by trayyd

I think its mean that hes taking advantage of Lennies unintelligennce. Lennie caint help it that hes that way. people should respect people with dissablilities.

Comment by 10love

I think that it was pretty mean that Crooks took advantage of Lennie but Crooks needed to talk to someone and have a laugh

Comment by swgama

I do not think that any one should ever be taken advantage of regardless of how they act or by their intelligence. Therefore i think that Crookks was very wrong!

Comment by curlygrace13

I think that it was mean and rude that Crooks took advantage of Lennie and he had no right to do it!

Comment by jacquiem

Crooks taking advantage of Lennie is wrong and not to smart on his part because Lennie was about to hurt him for what he said.

Comment by nwantoinette

Crooks takes advantage of Lennie becasue he is a little slow and I think its wrong becasue even if Crooks thinks its fun its not and just becasue Crooks is smarter he still shouldn’t.

Comment by rsarah

i think that it is wrong for crooks to take advantage of lennie because he is slow does not mean you have to mess with him.

Comment by ms07

Taking adavantage of someone’s small intelligence isn’t right. They can’t help it and you can be taking advantage of someone and they don’t even now it. I bet they wouldn’t like other people doing that to them.

Comment by 10kmiller

I think its mean and a sort of bullying because its not his fault that he is slow so he should be treated like anyone else.

Comment by janisd

crooks tells llenne that georgee isnt coming back and lennie gets really mad and is about to fight crooks and then crooks tells him he was just kidding

Comment by jalouis

Crooks saying that to Lennie was mean and just not right. Lennie got upset and was going to hurt him. He wanted to make Lennie feel bad because he always feels bad about himself.

Comment by rachypachy

I think that Crooks takes advantage of Lennie so he can get in on information. This is what many other people have done to Lennie in his past. I think George gets mad about this. This is wrong

Comment by timmypp

I think Crooks is not used to company so he takes advantage of Lennie being dumb to make himself feel better.

Comment by clgarland

I think that crook’s isn’t really used to having company and everyone thinks that he isn’t really intelligent because he’s black but when he meets Lennie he notice’s that he’s a little slow so he decides to take advanage of Lennie but he starts to get Lennie mad so Lennie stands up and kinda threatins him and scares him. I really don’t think that it’s really nice to take advanage of someone that is a little less intelligent then you.

Comment by jessicaxo

I think Crooks does this to show Lennie what its like to be soemone whos lonely. It was almost like a bully in school. Hes doing it becasue it happens to him somewhere else.

Comment by gdpeter

Yes i think he does take advantage of lennie, but maybe he did it because he has noone to talk to an he doesnt know how to start conversations anymore.

Comment by lilfragale1723

I think that crooks is a mean jerk and should never tolk to someone again.

Comment by rwpollock

He had no power over anybody so he wanted to feel ‘bigger’ if you get what I mean.
He was immorally segragated, he couldn’t stand his weakness because he had no human right whatsoever.
He might have thought Lennie won’t take it seriously maybe??
He did apologise. And also Crooks says “Lennie’s a nice fella” afterwards. He just wanted companionship.

Comment by sarubobo28

i thought it was wrong because lennie cant help that he is slow…

Comment by sortisio92

Ithink that crooks was only trying to make him feel the same as him loney no one you.You are an outcast

Comment by jdkeller

I don’t think it was nice of him, but he wanted to find out more about Lennie and what he’s doing at the ranch.

Comment by ferxsurexbombb

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