Of Mice and Men

Crooks’ Room
April 19, 2007, 12:06 pm
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What do you remember about his room? What does its appearance tell us about his character?


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I remember Curley’s room had a straw bed. He had a apple box above it with horse and his medicines. He also had many pairs of shoes. He had a bookshelf, and some gold rim glasses hanging from a nail on the wall.

Comment by doplato

Crooks room was off the side of the barn. He sleeps on a pile of hay and there is a pile of manure near the window. He is not allowed to go into the bunker and play cards with the other workers because he ia black and they are white.

Comment by xochanel

crooks slept to the side of the barn. He lays on hay, and their is animal poop off to the side. He can’t leave to communicate with other people because he is Black.

Comment by 10kmiller

His room is very basic, I think had some books in it. He had his reading glasses hanging off a wall and a light that provided him to read and do other activity by himself because he could not be with others, due to the discrimination at the farm by the other workers.

Comment by nb14

As bad as the bunkhouse is Crooks had it worse. He slept in a box filled with straw in the stable. He had only a couple of books in the room and some medicine for his back and the horses. By his room I can tell that Crooks is more to himself.

Comment by rsborn

Crooks room has a lamp off to the side. He is all by himself in the room. Crook also has reading glasses because he is probably either the only person or one of the few people on the ranch that can read.

Comment by laurenxxs

I remember that he had a lot of things and they were scattered on the floor. He is messy but he has so many things indicating that he’s been there a while and he’s comfortable there.

Comment by adesi

I remember that Crooks has a lot in his room. The room is away from the bunk house and you can tell he has been there a while and he can’t go in the bunk house because they are white and he is black.

Comment by wamanda

the apperance of his room is not that great because he sleeps on hay for a bed and he also keeps a shotgun around just incase something happens that he doesn’t wan’t to happen.

Comment by epszczolkowski

nb14 – What do the books indicate?

Comment by Miss Fowler

epszczolkowski – Why do you think he doesn’t grab the gun when Lennie comes around? Wouldn’t he grab it to protect himself?

Comment by Miss Fowler

Crooks room is not that great because he has a lousy hay bed, only a little light, a shotgun and books for his entertainment. it tells us he is probably not well respected.

Comment by seanfl

His room was light up and had magazines everywhere. That tells s he likes to read.

Comment by evanhouty

I remember that he was sleeping on a small bed full with hay that he had to sleep on. He also had alot of books and a dictionary. The books in his room means that he is educated and likes to read

Comment by swgama

I remember that his bed was a box that was filled with hay. He had a lot of books around hid room and his room was a mess. We know that he wants to be educated but doesn’t like to be organized.

Comment by jacquiem

His bed was filled with hay and he had some kind of tin as stools. He had books so he could read because he never had nor wanted anyone to visit. He likes to read but doesn’t like company. He pretty much just keeps to himself.

Comment by skatergirl55

His room is in the barn with the animals and its very small.

Comment by sk8er4ever221

His room is a room that was off the side of the barn. His room was very messy and his bed was full of hay. His appearence shows that he is not excepted into the group of guys because he is colored.

Comment by jessnick1992

His room is in the barn in a small place with a lamp and he had glasses for reading so he was probably one of the only people out of the workers who could read.

Comment by summers27

I remember that Crooke room is in the barn & that he had reading glasses along with many other things. Its appearance tell us that he can read, had been there for a while & is not wanted by the other guys just becuse he is colored.

Comment by jjspencer

Crooks room was nice because it had a lamp and the bunkhouses only had lanterns

Comment by mudisfun10

His room wasn’t the nicest, but it had books in it. This shows Crooks has somewhat of an education. The room is also serperated from the rest of the people; Crooks likes to be alone, but I think he might secretly like some company.

Comment by davidobrien722

I think that Crook’s room is described as a room with alot of of books inducating what rights that black people have. His room is the least niceest because no body thought that since Crook’s is black that he didn’t deserve anything nice.

Comment by jessicaxo

His room was different from everyone elses on the farm.He had books and magazines, which means he could read.

Comment by lilfragale1723

he had books but it smelled so that means he smart but the boss is hates black people

Comment by jdkeller

cooking light


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