Of Mice and Men

Curley’s Wife
April 19, 2007, 12:13 pm
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Why does Curley’s wife come to the stable? What happens when she’s there? What do you think of her? What do the men think of her? Even better, what does she think of the men (Candy, Crooks, and Lennie)?


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Curley’s wife says she is looking for Curly when she comes into the stable at first but then we find out she came in to talk to someone because she is lonley. When she is there she finds out Lennie killed the puppy & about Geroge telling Lennie he can tend the Rabbits when the get the land. Leniie also tells her that George told him not to talk to her. I think she is not that bad of a person,if she was not with Curley she could probly do something useful with here like & that her does does have some bad qualities… giving “the eye” the men think bad of her & as a flirt. She does not think bad of the men (Candy, Crooks, and Lennie). The only one she thinks bad about is Curley himself.

Comment by jjspencer

Curleys wife silently walks up and it is not until she actually enters that Lennie, Curley, and Crooks actually notice her coming in. none of the men want her there, and Candy tells her that. In doing that, it results in her flipping out and telling them that they’re pretty much worthless and then finally she goes so far that CRooks actually stands up to her and tells her he’s had enough, but when she reminds him how quickly she could have him hung he just gets all quiet and she leaves with the horses making a bunch of noises at her.

Comment by cghirohito

Curley’s wife comes in asking where Curley was when she really knew where they were. None of the guys,Lennie, crooks and candy, didnt want to talk to her. When Candy tells he to leave she gets mad and insults them. When Crooks tells her to leave she threatens to tell on him and have him lynched.

Comment by kaitlinx0

cghirohito – I’m glad you recognized that Crooks stands up to her. Who else stands up to Curley’s wife?

Comment by Miss Fowler

they are all talking in th stable and all curlys wife wants to do is talk to someone ad no one wants to because they do not wish to get involved in her tartiness but noone understands that she really wants to talk to people and not ool around

Comment by kkbruce

When curley’s wife entered crooke’s room she immediatly asked where he was. Too bad she already knew. Crookes, candy, and Lennie didnt want to tell her or talk to her because no one likes her. When they didnt tell her she got all mad and started calling Crookes the “N” word and saying Lennie was slow. I dont like her that much she is too much of a tease.

Comment by trayyd

Curley’s wife came to Crooks room to look for Curley. She already knew but she just wanted someone to talk to and probly attention. When she’s there the men wanted her to leave. Crooks did not want her in his rooom and when he told her to leave she called him the “N” word and that mad him shut up. I dont like her and i never really did.

Comment by swgama

Curley’s wife comes to the stable because she is lonely and wants somebody to talk to. Candy keeps on telling her to leave because she had no business being there and he knows that Curley wouldn’t like her being there also. I don’t like her, I think she is just there to cause trouble. The men don’t really like her because she always comes in and bothers them when she doesn’t have any business with them and they don’t want to cause trouble with Curley. I think she likes Lennie but she doesn’t like Candy because he yelled at her and she doesn’t like Crooks because he is black.

Comment by laurenxxs

Curely’s wife comes in the stable becasue she is lonely and no one else was there to talk to them except Lennie, Candy, and Crooks. Crooks and Candy stands up to her becasue they are sick of her, she was just probably trying to start trouble.

Comment by rsarah

When Curley’s wife enters the stable, Lennie is covering up the dead puppy with hay. He tells her that he was petting it too hard and it died.

Comment by 10kmiller

Curlys wife comes into the stable because she is lonely and need some one to talk to. Crooks and Candy dont look at her and lennie just stares at her. Crooks stands up to her and then she tells him bad things like having him killed.

Comment by jalouis

Curley’s wife enters the bunkhouse looking for Curley, yet she really knew where he was. Candy tells her to leave, btu she won’t. No one wants her there so she tells them how worthless they are. Crooks wants to kick her out, but she then tells him how she can have him lynched in a second. He stops what he was saying and sits down. As she leave, all the horses go crazy and make noises at her.

Comment by rachypachy

Curleys wife came into the bunkhouse looking for Curley, but she knew that he wasn’t really in there. Candy told her to leave but she didn’t. The men don’t like her because they thinks shes a tart. I dont like her either because shes married to Curley, but shes still flirty with other guys.

Comment by jessnick1992

Curly’s wife came into the bunkhouse saying that she was looking for Curly but really she just wanted to see what everyone was doing. Candy told her to leave but she didn’t listen and she just kept on talking. Everybody hates her because she is nosy and a tart.

Comment by derrty

Curley’s wife comes to the stable for company, she ends up talking to Lennie while she’s in there. I think she’s just lonely and unsure about her life. The men think she’s a tart and flirty. Curley;s wife kind of looks down at the men, i think she only flirts with them because they are other people to keep her company.

Comment by davidobrien722

curleys wife goes to the stable for some company because she was lonley.the guys want nothing to do with her because if they get cought even talking to her they will get in serious trouble.this chapter shows the most lonlyness so far.

Comment by sortisio92

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