Of Mice and Men

Lennie Visits Crooks
April 19, 2007, 12:06 pm
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What was the mood during Lennie’s visit to see Crooks? Did it stay the same, or did it change? What caused the mood to be there?


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I thought the mood was very tight, strict and uncomfortable at first. But as Crooks began to get to know Lennie, he realized he was not like the other farmers and the mood got more relaxed and friendly.

Comment by nb14

The mode during Lennie’s visit to see Crooks was a very unwanted or unwelcome mode at first. Once Crooks realized Lennie wasn’t looking for trouble Crooks eased up a bit.

Comment by rsborn

Also, the mood was caused by Crooks’s attempt to be respected and to be able to tell people what to do.

Comment by rsborn

The mood at crook’s house was weird because at first crook didn’t want lenny to stay but then w=once he saw lenny was slow he messed with him saying george was gunna die. But lenny didn’t let crook get in his head.Lenny got up and frightened crook with his anger and strength.

Comment by mudisfun10

The mood was kind of unaccepting at first but then changed to happy when Lennie and Crook were having a conversation. The mood changed to a bad one though after Crook had asked Lennie disrespectful questions about George.

Comment by laurenxxs

The mood was very diffrent first it was tense and mean then kinder but at the end whe Curley’s wife came in it was VERY tense.

Comment by doplato

The mood when Lennie enters is somewhat excited, because someone actually wants to talk to him, but angry at the same time because Crooks didn’t want anyone going in his room.
It changes when Crooks figures out Lennie’s disability, then again when he tells Lennie of his sadness and lonliness.

Comment by cghirohito

The mood when Lennie is in Crooks’ bedroom is kind of tense. Crooks’ doesn;t want him there at first because he’s not welcome in the other cabin but as Lennie and Crooks talk more, they become more open.

Comment by adesi

When Lennie enters Crook’s bedroom the mood is tense but then later it changes to one of awkward.

Comment by skatergirl55

doplato – Why do you think Curley’s wife changed the mood?

skatergirl55 – Why does it become awkward?

Comment by Miss Fowler

Crooks didnt want Lennie there at first but then once lennie was there for a while, he began to accept it. Crooks didnt want him there because he wasnt wanted at the bunkhouse so he didnt wan anyone in his room. Crooks then realized that lennie was a nice guy so he accepted it.

Comment by seanfl

the mood was at first sour but as crooks seen lennie was trying to be friends with crooks the mood ot a little more pleasent and stayedthat way until curlys wife showed up

Comment by kkbruce

Lennie andCrooks open up to each other like George and Slim.

Comment by clgarland

Crooks didn’t want anyone in his room because noone wants him in theres. He was mad at first then he let Lennie in. Crooks relizes that there the same person, lonely.

Comment by evanhouty

Crooks seems all moody when Lennie first enters his room. He seems kind of defensive because finally someone visits him for the first time in a long time. Everyone knows that crooks is happy because finally he doesnt feel lonely. He just has to put on the act of not caring.

Comment by trayyd

The mood was not good in the begining. Crooks was mad the Lennie was there. After they got talking the mood started to change and they started to get more comfortable with eachother.

Comment by swgama

when Lennie first came to Crooks room Crooks was very defensive and withdrawn. When Crooks saw that Lennie was harmless and just there because he was lonely, Crooks sort of lightened up. I think that Crooks adventually really appreciated the fact that Lennie paid attention ot him.

Comment by curlygrace13

AT first crooks was mad that lennie came into his room because he was white and he didnt want him in there. then the mood changed and they became friends kind of.

Comment by jalouis

I think it becomes awkward because no one knows what to say after a while.

Comment by skatergirl55

lennies visit to crooks was different because he didnt want him to come in his bunk room thing then crooks realized how lonely he was and let lennie and they sartd talking about the house lennie and george were gunna build

Comment by proxballa

nb 14, i deffinatly agree with you. it was pretty uncomfortable, but Crooks realizes Lennie is a nice man compared to the other workers.

Comment by rachypachy

I also agree with nb 14. But towards the end of Lennies visit he realises that Lennie is a nice guy, and that he is very different personality wise than the other guys.

Comment by jessnick1992

The mood at Crooks house is aqword because withe men normally never visit or talk to a lack man let alone go into his house.

Comment by timmypp

The mood in Crooks room was awkward like timmypp & skatergirl55 said. It was awared becuse at first Crooks did not want Lennie to come in but he let him. It did not stay the same, it changed later on during Lennie vist. The way people treat Crook & that noone is ever in his room made the mood be there.

Comment by jjspencer

The mood at Crooks house is a unussaly mood because no one every visits Crooks because he is black. Then Lennie did visit him so it was kind of wierd.

Comment by derrty

the mood during Lennie’s vist to crook’s bedroom was werid because Crook’s is black and not of alot of guys on the ranch vist him. Lennie was kinda curious because crook’s light was on but Crook’s loosed up to him because he knew that Lennie wasn’t harmless.

Comment by jessicaxo

The mood was tenss due to crooks making a bad joke.The mood changed as the subject changed.

Comment by rwpollock

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