Of Mice and Men

April 19, 2007, 12:22 pm
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How is the theme of loneliness developed in this chapter? Think about the characters Lennie, Crooks, Candy, and Curley’s wife.


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Loneliness is very strong coming from Crooks because he has no one to talk to he is lonely in his room and finally Candy and Lennie keep him some company, and he was over whelmed.

Comment by doplato

Loneliness is definitely in this chapter. Lennie and George only have each other, Candy’s best friend was his dog who is gone now, Crooks can’t even play cards with the other workers because he is black, and none of the other characters talk about their family or friends that much.

Comment by rsborn

xLiveToDance13x (8:34:35 PM): The theme of loneliness developed in this chapter by it is pretty much all Crooks feels, how Candy feels after the death of his dog, & how Lennie feels with out George. They all show that the feel lonley but in different ways & for different reasons.

Comment by jjspencer

I think loneliness is demonstrated in this chapter. I think Lennie is sometimes treated like a outsider because he is not always understood and treated like everyone else due to his mental problems. Also I think Crooks is also treated like an outsider because of the discrimination and exclusion of the other farm workers.

Comment by nb14

Loneliness is strongly shown in this chapter, with Crooks and Candy. Crooks is just a black man that sleeps in a stable all by himself. You definately see the effects it has had on Crooks, and the fact that now because he is so lonley he has become cold and mean. I think you can also see the loneliness in this chapter through Candy, and now especially with his companion gone, he is even more of a loner. This is probably why he asks Lennie and George if he can join them on the farm so that he isnt stuck on the ranch by himself for the rest of his life.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

Lonliness is really expressed in this chapter in a lot of characters. It is displayed in Crooks, wen he is talking to Lennie, Curley’s wife, when she talks to Lennie and tells him how sometimes she gets sick of only being able to talk to Curley, and Lennie when he goes to talk to Crooks because there is no one else to talk to.

Comment by cghirohito

The theme of lonliness is developed in this chapter. Lennie & Crooks get to know each other well. Lennie is kind of left behind by George and then other men and Crooks is always alone. Candy is lonely ever since his dog was shot and Curley’s wife says she feels alone because she doesn’t really like Curley.

Comment by adesi

Lennie candy and crooks are all the lonley guys. They feel left out all the time. Lennie is lonley because is different from eveyrone else because of his mental illness. Crooks is lonley because hes black and noone wnats to talk to him. Candy’s also lonley because hes so old and cant do mmuch.

Comment by kaitlinx0

adesi – Great comment about Curley’s wife. Why doesn’t she like her husband?

Comment by Miss Fowler

Lonliness is expressed in this chapter alot. We find out that not only Lennie is lonley but so is Crooks, Candy, and Curley’s.

Comment by knwilliam

loneliness is seen in this chapter because all of them have ben alone for a long time and because of that with the oppurtunity of being able to talk to someone they take advantage of it

Comment by kkbruce

loneliness is expressed in this chapter often. It is expressed through how Crooks talks to Lennie about how he only has books to read and no one wants to go into his room.

Comment by seanfl

Lonliness is expressed through Crooks hiding his excitement when Lennie and Candy visit. Everyone seems to be lonely in the bunkhouse.

Comment by clgarland

Loneliness is shown in this chapter with those four character. Candy, Crooks, Lennie, and Curly’s wife. They all want someone to talk to and have things in common. There all the same they just don’t know it.

Comment by evanhouty

The theme of lonliness is developed in this chapter because we learn that Crooks is lonley because he no one that really likes him because of his race. Candy is lonley because he lost his old dog. Curley’s wife is lonley because she doesn’t really like Curley.

Comment by emearhart

Lennie, Candy, and crookes all seem to be the one’s who are left out. Lennie is lonley because he has a mental problem, Crookes is lonley and left out because he is black and noone likes him because he can read, and candy is left out because he is old and really cant do all too much.

Comment by trayyd

Lonliness plays a big part in this chapter because Lennie is usually left out because of his disability. Crooks is very lonley because he is black and nobody wants anything to do with him. Candy id lonley because he has one hand and most people dont talk to him. Curleys wife is always lonley because she has to stay in the house all the time

Comment by swgama

Lennie is lonely because he feels like no one really knows how he’s feeling or what he’s going through and he’s alone. Crooks is a loner because he is black and has to stay away from the rest of the guys. Candy is lonely because before the only thing close to him was his dog, and now that the dog is dead, he doesn’t really have anyone to confide in him. Curley’s wife is lonely because all she says she wants to do is talk to the other guys becuase Curly expects her to sit inside their house all day by herself. She is also lonely because she doesn’t even like Curley and she has dreams that she wants to pursuit.

Comment by laurenxxs

Lennie, Crooks, Candy, and Curley’s wife are all very lonely pepole. Lennie is different and he is looked on differently by the other men. Crooks is black , and unfortunately he is automatically excluded. Candy is old and his dog was shot leaving him all by himself. And last Curley’s wife is all by herself all day with a not so nice husband. I think that they form a very interesting group all so different.

Comment by curlygrace13

Lennie is lonely because George is not ther anymore. Lennie has alays relied on George and now he isn’t there. Curley’s wife is lonely because Curley never talks to her much and she’s always looking for someone to talk too.

Comment by 10kmiller

This chapter is lonely because Crooks, Candy and Curley is lonely. But know that Lennie is also lonely.

Comment by janisd

there is alot of lonliness candy, crooks, curlys wife and lennie all are lonly because they dont really have any one to talk to and they all have a problem

Comment by jalouis

Lenny is lonely because Crooks makes him feel that way by saying that George won’t come back but Crooks is also lonley because he has no one to talk to he’s all by himself.

Comment by skatergirl55

The theme of lonliness develops in this chapter within every character. With Lennie, he runs away on his own because of the things he’s done bad. With Crooks, his skin color automatically makes him a loner. Candy feels lonely because Carlson shot is dog, who was is life, basically. We find out that Curley’s wife is lonely, because she has to live with Curley all for giving up her dreams, and she doesn’t even love him. She is expected to sit inside the house all day.

Comment by kligsfosho

I don’t think Lennie is lonely, because he has George. Crooks is lonely because of him being black, and no one wants him around the bunkhouse. Candy is now lonely without his dog. Last, Curley’s wife is lonely because Curley won’t allow her to talk to any other men.

Comment by rachypachy

WHY do you suppose all of these characters are so lonely? Why don’t characters like Carlson and Curley understand the loneliness the others feel?

Comment by Miss Fowler

I agree completely with rachypachy. I think there all lonely because they don’t have anyone that they can connect with, because all the men had different expieriences there entire life. Carlson and Curley don’t understand the other guys loneliness because there the “upper class” of the farm, and they have made more friends than the other guys have.

Comment by jessnick1992

Lonelyness is repersented in this chapter by Crooks not really having anybody to talk to ever and he fells unwanted.

Comment by derrty

Lonlyness is shown in this chapter because Lennies puppy is gone, Candy’s dog is gone, and the men are always distant from eachother.

Comment by timmypp

I think that Crooks is lonely because he’s black and no one lets him in the bunkhouse and everyone treats him like a slave and i don’t think it’s fair that he sits in his room all day reading books. I think that Candy is lonely also because since he doesn’t have his dog any more and he really doesn’t have any family to care about him and he’s missing an arm so no one thinks he’s useful.I think that Curley’s wife is lonely because her and her husband are always looking for each other and Curley really doesn’t pay any attention to her and also because he never lets her have any conversations with the other guys.I dont really think that Lennie is lonely because he has Geroge but no body really thinks he’s capable of any thing because he has a mental illness.

Comment by jessicaxo

Lonliness is very visible in this chapter. This is visible by Crook shows how he is always left out because of is race and isn’t aloud to socialize with the other workers.

Comment by wamanda

almost every character in the book are lonley in some way.

Comment by sortisio92

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