Of Mice and Men

April 25, 2007, 1:29 pm
Filed under: Chapter 5, George, Slim

When George asks Slim about just trying to catch Lennie instead of killing him, what advice does Slim give George?


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slim says that lennie wasnt meant to be locked up in a cage and that if he was he would be happy. also that curly really wants to shot him.

Comment by xochanel

Slim tells George that if Lennie was put in jail instead of being killed that Curley would have Lennie killed.

Comment by nwantoinette

Slim knows Lennie didnt mean no harm. He was just scared.

Comment by clgarland

Slim said that Curley still would kill Lennie even though he’s in the jail.

Comment by skatergirl55

He says it would be better got lennie to be shot instead of sitting in a cage. He was ment to roam free not sit in a cage for the rest of his life.

Comment by sk8er4ever221

When George asks Slim, Slim tells him Lennie would be better off just being shot, because if they took him back to the ranch Curley would torture him, and Lennie would be even more misserable.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

Slim tells George that Lennie is better off being shot. His reasoning for this is that if Lennie was locked up, he would be even more miserable than if he just got his death done and over with.

Comment by kligsfosho

Slim tells George thats not all that Curley wanted to happen to Lennie and that he would proberly torture him until he dies or kill him.=(

Comment by jessicaxo

slim tells george that itll b better if lennie was killd then having him out in a cage

Comment by proxballa

Slim told George how Curley would want to catch Lennie and kill him himself. He said otherwise, they’d have him locked up and thats worse.

Comment by rachypachy

that having him being locked up will make him even crazyier than he is

Comment by kkbruce

Slim tells george that a man like lennie was not met to be locked up in a cage and that he would go crazy not talking to no one.

Comment by fstarr

Slim told George that most likely Lennie will not be able to be just locked up because thats just to nice and because Curly wants to kill Lennie no matter what.

Comment by derrty

Slim says that it would be better for Lennie to be shot and killed instead of sitting in a cage for the rest of his life. This way Lennie didn’t have to suffer.

Comment by timmypp

Slim said that it would be better for them just to kill him because being trapped in a cage isnt right for Lennie.

Comment by kaitlinx0

Slim said lennie would be locked up in a cage like a dog so in a way it would be better for Lennie to be either able to get away or to be killed.

Comment by seanfl

He said that Lennie wold be locked up like a dog and he would be in a cage left to rot and that would bot do any good. That his life would be worthless.

Comment by curlygrace13

He said that Lennie would be locked up in a cage like a dog and thats not right for Lennie, and he said that if anything they better get to Lennie first because if Curley gets there first he’s just going to shoot him right away.

Comment by knwilliam

Slim tells George that whatever happens to Lennie will not be fair. If he’s caught he’ll probably be shot or hung, and the other men already know Lennie killed Curley’s wife so there’s no use in denying it. Either way Lennie would be out of luck.

Comment by davidobrien722

Slim says whatever happens to lennie won’t be fair because he knows lennie did not mean it.

Comment by lilfragale1723

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