Of Mice and Men

April 25, 2007, 1:27 pm
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What are the greatest fears of people in this book? (Be specific.)


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The graetest fears of people in this book is death becuse everyone is mad that lenny kills things

Comment by mudisfun10

Everyone has a fear in the book. Lennie’s is that George will leave him. George just wants to live get through life. Candy’s is being alone too.

Comment by doplato

I think the greatest fears of this book are Lennie and George’s fear that if they don’t make enough money, they will not get their dream of a farm. Also I think Crooks fears that he will spent all of his time alone, with no friendships and company. Lastly I think a major fear is Curly thinks that his wife will not be faithful or will leave him due to his height and previous fight with Lennie (she already knows) and Curly’s wife fears that she will spent the rest of her life doing nothing at Curly’s father’s farm.

Comment by nb14

The greatest fear in this book is people giving up there dreams

Comment by sk8er4ever221

Lennie is afraid that George is going to leave him.

Comment by skatergirl55

In the book Candy’s biggest fear is being alone all of his life and being stuck working on the ranch the rest of his life. I think George has the same fear or not moving anywhere in life and just staying on the ranch. I think Lennie’s biggest fear is being without George. George is the reason that he got as far as he did in life, George watches out for him and protects him. Lastly I think Curley’s biggest fear is having people think that he is some weak little guy, I think that’s why he’s always trying to prove him self, by his wife and fighting all the time.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

George=not fufilling his dreams and being without Lennie
Lennie=not getting to tend to the rabbits
Curley=his wife getting involved with other men
Curley’s wife=loneliness and not getting to do anyhting
Candy=being alone and not getting a special life

Comment by curlygrace13

The greatest fears of people in this book is of Lennie because he is big and scary looking but is truly nice inside except for when he gets scared then he becomes dangerous and tenses up and worried.

Comment by summers27

George’s greatest fear is not going anywhere in life. He is so set on buying that land. Lennie’s greatest fear is that George will leave him, and he won’t get to tend to the rabbits. I think that Curley’s wife’s greatest fear is sitting in a house the rest of her life, with nobody to love.

Comment by kligsfosho

I agree with “kligsfosho” but i also think George is afraid to lose Lennie. And Candy doesn’t want to lose his dream.

Comment by rachypachy

The greatest fear in this book for the men is Lennie. This is because Lennie kills like everything he comes close to so they dont want to die.

Comment by derrty

The greatest fear in the book is Lennie, because he has killed so much.

Comment by jessnick1992

The biggest fears in this book is prople dieing or leaving people to have a better life. Also giving up on dreams is a fear turned into reality in this story.

Comment by timmypp

People’s biggest fear is not being able to do things they want to do. George wants to get a place but he dosent know if he can get it, Lennie wants to tend the rabbits but he worries george wont let him.

Comment by seanfl

A greatest fear in this book is dreams not coming true. This is a fear that everyone who wants their own place has. They aren’t sure if it will ever actually come true.

Comment by wamanda

I think that the guys on the ranch greatest fears are trying to follow their dreams and succeed in life but none of them accomplished their dreams. I think that Lennie’s greatest fear is being lonely and without Geroge and i think that Candy’s greatest fear is not having any family and being alone also.

Comment by jessicaxo

everyone has differnt fears

Comment by apeters

A lot of people have the fear of failure. Like Crooks said a lot of guys said they had the dream and they wanted a farm, but no one got to it, possibly because they were afraid to fail. Lennie doesn’t want to fail George as his friend, and George doesn’t want to fail himself by letting Lennie fall astray.

Comment by davidobrien722

The greatest fear in this book is people giving uo there dreams.

Comment by rwpollock

the greatest fear is getting can from work

Comment by jdkeller

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