Of Mice and Men

Condensed Version
April 28, 2007, 3:45 pm
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Any thoughts?


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That was an intersing site. I rally didn’t understant it too much i was wondering if anyone else did.

Comment by doplato

doplato – The idea behind this site is to make the book as short as possible. Does it do the story justice?

Comment by Miss Fowler

I don’t get it. It doesn’t make sense really. It’s too short to even understand what the book is about and George didn’t kill Lennie’s dog, Lennie did.

Comment by skatergirl55

skatergirl55 – Read more carefully. There’s no mention of Lennie’s dog. The author of this parody intends to say “George shoots his dog.”

Comment by Miss Fowler

I thought this site was really inaccurate and it did not help the reader really understand the book, it just gave quotes and general statements.

Comment by fstarr

I think it was completely 100% inaccurate because thats not the entire story. The site only gives a quote but doesn’t give readers a good understanding about the book.

Comment by jessnick1992

The site is meant to give readers a feel for the book , and not tell the whole story. It is meant to be short.

Comment by clgarland

I thought this site was a great idea! It gave an accurate outline or main idea of each section or chapter read. It was excellant for us to post our thoughts and ideas of each chapter. But I would not recommend someone who has not read the book before to use it to know what the story was about because it is a outline, not the whole book with every detail written.

Comment by nb14

This site was kind of a good outline because it shows how the characters of George and LENNIE are but it could have been a little longer with a little more detail.

Comment by seanfl

The site did not do the book any justice. If it was a summary it was a bad one. It was really confusing.

Comment by curlygrace13

I have sort of a question but it doesn’t really relate to that site but i was wondering if anyone thought there was a reason why Steinbeck didn’t name Curley’s wife or Candy’s dog or anything? I thought maybe because they died and he didn’t want to put oo much significnace on them? JUST wondering.

Comment by curlygrace13

I think this site relates to this book in a way but it does not summarize it. There is a lot more things that happend besides Lennie accidently killing things.

Comment by emearhart

curlygrace13 from nb14 – I think why they don’t mention Curley’s wife and Candy’s dog names in my opinion is because I don’t think the names are too important, just the people are. Plus I think it would confuse others on who they were related to in the book if they just used their names. When I read the book, I wondered the same thing too!

Comment by nb14

The shortened version is so confusing. I dont think this version explains the book at all. It doent even tell the purpose or anything.

Comment by 10love

I think that it was innappropriate for that website to say that Lennie was George’s dog. That didn’t give the book justice and if I just read that website, I wouldnt have the view of the book that I had or a close relationshop that I feel I have developed with the characters by just reading that website.

Comment by laurenxxs

curleygrace13- I think that you made a really good point about the names. I think I heard Candy call his dog a name in the movie though. I don’t think the names are important at all and Steinbeck probably had a good reason not to put the names in there.

Comment by laurenxxs

i dont relly understand it

Comment by apeters

That basically made no sense to me and was terribly inaccurate.

Comment by davidobrien722

I didnt really understand this site.

Comment by derrty

it really didnt help it was to under stand

Comment by jdkeller

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