Of Mice and Men

Lennie’s Death
April 28, 2007, 2:37 pm
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Was George’s killing of Lennie justified? Why or why not?


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I think George’s killing of Lennie was partially justified. George didn’t want anyone else to kill Lennie, just like how Candy said he wished he could have shot his dog instead of someone else. George probably wouldn’t have been able to live with himself if he allowed someone to kill Lennie out of hate. I guess George killed him out of protection, if that makes sense?

Comment by davidobrien722

I think George killing Lennie was justified because George knew how Candy felt after Carlson killed his dog.

Comment by jacquiem

I agree with davidobrien722 and I think that it makes sense that George killed Lennie out of protection. It would be better if George killed him because Lennie trusted George and if anyone had to kill him then George would be the right person.

Comment by skatergirl55

Yes it was justified because George didn’t want anyone else killing Lennie so he knew that he had to do it himself so Lennie didn’t even know what was coming and he felt no pain.

Comment by knwilliam

I think Geogre killing Lennie was justified becasue George didnt want anyone else to kill Lennie becasue its his friend and didnt want to watch someone else do it.

Comment by rsarah

George killing lennie was justified because if he would have let curley do it he would hate himself just as candy hated himself for not killing his dog

Comment by mudisfun10

NO killing can never be justified. Well, murder anyways and that is what it was. I think they could have at least tried to escape or something. I hate the thought of it. If your best friend was slow and they accidently killed a person would you go and shoot them? NOt me !!! I was shocked. I mean i can see how it is related to CAndy’s dog, but a dog is a dog and a human is a human. They did not have to kill Lennie they could have had him locked up. .. Sorry I felt really bad for Lennie.

Comment by curlygrace13

I really respect and understand this, but I have to disagree. When someone is sick or insane to the point where they are causing pain to both themselves and others, then that needs to come to an end.

Comment by Rachel Kim

curlygrace13 – There’s no need to apologize for your thoughts. 🙂

Comment by Miss Fowler

George’s killing of Lennie was justified because if he didn’t kill Lennie the other guys would have and he would of had a painful death.

Comment by emearhart

George killing Lennie was justified because Lennie was so big he was unaware of his own strength. George is keeping everyone safe by killing him.

Comment by rsborn

I think George killing of Lennie was justified because George new that Curly was going to kill Lennie and if anyone wanted to kill Lennie george wanted to because he is his best friend.

Comment by derrty

I think that George killing Lennie was justified because George knew Lennie was gonna die no matter what so George decided to kill him himself.

Comment by summers27

I think George killing Lennie was justified because George did the best thing for him. I think it was better for George to kill him quick then have Culy kill him painfully.

Comment by fstarr

I think George killing Lennie was justified because George was his friend so if any one was going to do it, it was going to be him.

Comment by jessnick1992

I think that George killing Lennie was not justified because Lennie has a disability and did not know what he was doing.

Comment by timmypp

George killing Lennie was justified because Lennie was Georges friend and also , Lennie is now a murderer.

Comment by clgarland

I am not sure if killing lennie was justified or not. In one case, it was okay because Lennie would’ve been hurt and tortured by Curley and the guys. However, George also promised to always take care of him, so thats hard to decide.

Comment by 10kmiller

i beleive that the killing of lennie by george was justified because like candy felt he should of shoot his dog not a stranger. it applys to george’s case too.

Comment by ms07

George’s killing Lennie was basically justified because he didnt know any better and could have kept on killing people on accident becasue he was so strong so george pretty much did what he had to do

Comment by cghirohito

I dont think it was justified for George to kill Lennie becasue they could of just ran away again rather than killing him. Ay least it was quick and and from George and not from Curley.

Comment by kaitlinx0

I understand you point of view, but Lennie has a love of soft things and if they were to runaway, he could see another girl’s dress he wants to pet or encounter someone simillar to Curley’s wife and he doesn’t have the brain to know what to do in those situations, which could lead to the murder of someone else.

Comment by of mice and men

I think that if one of your friend’s killed someone on accident that you should cover for them and not kill them but i guess in those days they would of caught Lennie sooner or later i don’t think that it was right for George to Kill Lennie but i guess he did it so then Lennie could barley feel it unlike if the guys would of killed him they would probarly give him a more painful death.

Comment by jessicaxo

I think that George killing lennie was justified because he could hear the other men getting close so they couldnt run away, and George would have felt bad if he would hav let someone else kill Lennie and he wanted it to be a quick death for Lennie.

Comment by seanfl

I think george killing lennie is not justifyed because he was trying to keep lennie from getting shot and because of that he even old the guys the wrong way to go but think him killing lennie in a way was justifyed but not entirerly considering he shot him like he was a dog and that is allso wrong considering lennie was his best friend as well.

Comment by kkbruce

I think George was put off with Lennie doing the things he does but thats not Lennies fault so i think killing Lennie was the wrong way to get rid of him.

Comment by evanhouty

I dont think that killing anything or anyone can be justified. It is wrong. George murderd Lennie thats all there is to it. I agree with curlygrace. Everything she said is very true.

Comment by trayyd

Yes i think him killing Lennie was justified. It was justified because Lennie had killed some one else. Also George wanted to do it himself and not some other guy like Candy and his dog.

Comment by jktubman

I think George killing Lennie was justified because he didn’t want the other men to kill Lennie because he didn’t mean to do what he did.

Comment by nwantoinette

I think George was the only person who should have been the one to kill Lennie, Especially not Curley; Because Lennie’s death would have been a painful one, Unlike what George made it.

Comment by busses

George killing Lennie was justified because Lennie did kill Candys wife. Even though Lennie has a mental disability doesnt make it right to kill someone. I know that he didnt mean any harm he shouldnt have ran. Maybe then people might have understood. But, George killing Lennie was better than someone else doing it. I.E Carlson killing Candys dog. Candy wished he would have done it.

Comment by gdpeter

I think that George killing Lennie was justified because he wanted to kill Lennie himself. He didn’t want to regret anything like Candy did for letting a stranger kill his dog.

Comment by wamanda

I dot think that george killing lennie was justified i think it was very bad and mean at least he could have let curly kill him sso he didnt hhave to do it.

Comment by jalouis

I dot think that george killing lennie was justified i think it was very bad and mean at least he could have let curly kill him sso he didnt hhave to do it. He shouldnt have killed him.

Comment by jalouis

I think that if thats what George wanted to do its good that he did it his self and its better than him being locked up for his wholle life.

Comment by swgama

I think in a way George killing Lennie was a good thing because Lennie would have been worse off is he would have been found and taken back to the ranch, I also think that it was a good think that George killed his best friend instead of George having to see Lennie dead by some man that hated him. On the other hand i think that George did was wrong because there still could have been some way that they could have escaped instead of George killing his best friend.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

I think that if George dident do it curley would of. So I think that it was best.

Comment by rwpollock

george thought that he should be the one to kill lennie because nooe else new to much and he didnt want to be like candy

Comment by jdkeller

I think it was the right thing to do. [For George to kill Lennie instead of anyone else.] But, also, they could ahve done something else to prevent LKennie frm doing anything.

Comment by ferxsurexbombb

I say destroy the book cos its the most boring book Ive read in my life.

Comment by chips477

First of all, Steinbeck is a brilliant author and this book is not boring. Second, if you’re going to attempt a critique of a book, then learn to spell first.

Comment by Holly Mee

that’s not how you spell cause stupid.

Comment by Luis Gastelum

To me, it was not justified in killed Lennie. You guys are always thinking the problem on George side but Curly’s side. that is really unfair to him and his wife. Of course I am not support him use lynched to Lennie, but Lennie does kill some one and that can be just somebody kills you. I think it needs go to the trial and send Lennie to a organization for education

Comment by Bianca Xie

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