Of Mice and Men

Slim’s Reactions
April 28, 2007, 2:40 pm
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How does Slim react to Curley’s wife’s death? To Lennie’s death? What does this show us about his character?


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Slim wwas the first person to go to Curly’s wife in the barn. He also told George that Lennie was going to die and when he did he and george went to drink.

Comment by xochanel

Slim’s reaction to Curely’s wifes death was shocked becauce he though she was just sleeping. Hus reaction to Leinnie’s death was not bad. It tells us that he is a caring person & knows how the Curley felt when he lost his wife & how George felt when he shot Lennie.

Comment by jjspencer

Slims reaction to the deaths was he was sad. He was sad because Slim cares about everyone.

Comment by wamanda

are you high rn

Comment by George Perkins

Slim cares. He really does, so when he heard about Curley’s wife and Lennie he was upset.

Comment by skatergirl55

Slim went over to Curley’s wife to see if she was alright, he cared for her, even more than Curley did at the moment. Slim understood why George killed Lennie. He knew to consult George and knew that he killed him for Lennie’s best interest.This shows that Slim is very content, caring, and wise.

Comment by davidobrien722

Slim was the first one to Curley’s wife when she was found and he was the first one to Lennie when they found him dead. This shows us that he cares about everyone.

Comment by jacquiem

Slim wasn’t surprised that Curley’s wife died because she had it coming but I thinkk he was surprised about Lennie’s death because George is always so protective. This shows that Slim studies people to get to know them.

Comment by nwantoinette

Slim doesn’t really care about the deaths. This shows that he is a person whodidn’t like Lennie or Curley’s wife.

Comment by clgarland

Slim was very sad when he saw that Curly’s wife was died. He cared for her so much but he new she was going o die because no one liked her.

Comment by derrty

After both the deaths of Curleys wife and Lennie, Slim is very caring and compassionante.This shows that Slim is a very nice person.

Comment by timmypp

Slim was worried about Curley’s wife’s death, he went over before anyone to see if she was okay.

Comment by 10kmiller

Slim hurried over to curly’s wife and cared about lennie when he died this shows that he is a caring person and that he is not cold like all the other ranch workers.

Comment by ice165

SLim cares about curley’s wife’s death because he doesn’t want Lennie to die because he was going to live with them on the land they were going to buy

Comment by cghirohito

Slim reacts t Cirley’s wifes death by checking to see if he’s really dead. He was probably in shock. He also understands that it was hard for George to shoot Lennie, too. This tells us that he listens and he cares.

Comment by adesi

Slim reacts to Curleys wife’s death by being a little shocked and he tells Curley to stay at the farm wiht his wife but he dosent. He ralizes how hard it was for George to shoot Lennie so he cares about how Lennie died.

Comment by seanfl

SLim is the first one to check to see if Curley’s wife is alilve. He is also the one to comfort George. I think that Slim would be a really good role model for people, especially the farmhands.

Comment by curlygrace13

Slim is the first one to go up to Curley’s wife after they found her dead even before Curley. To Lennie’s death he was more sympathetic towards George then the rest of the guys were because he understood. This shows us that he is caring and that hes not heartless like the rest of the men in the book.

Comment by knwilliam

Slims reactions to both was shocking. He was sad when he seen Curly’s Wife dead. He was the first to approche her. Also he told George that killing Lennie was the only right thing he could do. This tells u that Slim is a caring man and liked Curly’s Wife more than just a little bit.

Comment by evanhouty

Slim’s reaction to the deaths of Lennie and Curley’s wife was that he was sad. He was sad about Curley’s wife and when Lennie died he said it had to be done. This shows that Slim cares about other people.

Comment by emearhart

Slims reaction to the death of Curleys wife and to Lennies death was taht he was sad. When they died it seemed that Slim actually cared about them.

Comment by 10love

Slim shows that he is said that both Lennie and Curly’s wifes death. It shows that he cares about other people.

Comment by jktubman

Slims’ reaction to Curley’s wife, wasn’t surprising at all. He’s a very respectable person, so it’s no surprise he showed some sadness, no matter who she was, Same to Lennie, but he probably liked him a bit more than Curley’s wife.

Comment by busses

Slim was the first person tot he aid of Curleys wife. He also comforted George when Lennie died. This shows that hes a very caring person.

Comment by gdpeter

Slim ran over to see if curlys wife was still alive and he was very worried and when le nnie died he was concernd too. this shows that he has a caring character.

Comment by jalouis

slims reaction to lennie and curlys wifes death was thta he was sad because he likes everyone.

Comment by proxballa

Slim was actually the first one to discover Curley’s wife in the barn and his first reaction to curley’s wife’s death was that he was kinda shocked becase he thought that she was sleeping. But then he checked for a palse but he didn’t feel one and said jesus christ. When he found out that Lennie died he was a little concerned and that tells me Slim is a Caring character.

Comment by jessicaxo

When he heard that she was dead he was the first one to see her besides Candy and George and he checkes her paulse. When George killed Lennie Slim was not happy and he comforted George. This showes that he cares alot about others.

Comment by swgama

he wasnt shocked but he new wat was going to happen

Comment by klumpy

Slim reacts very supprised and shocked when he sees Curley’s wife laying dead and he acts very caring because he is the first one to go over to her. When Lennie dies Slim tries to look at the bright side and tell George that he really did make the right decission for his best friend.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

in the book slim went to curly’s wife first. after lennie died he and george went to get a drink. slim probably did this to help george get his mind off of lennie.

Comment by xochanel

slim was sadder than curley…for ex:slim was the only persont o run up to her and “weep”

Comment by sortisio92

he felt depressed cause he is a good guy and dont want to hurt no body and he knew how curly and george felt and it is not a good felling

Comment by jdkeller

Curley just wanted Lennie to get killed. But george did not want to hurt his friend

Comment by Colin Feldmeth

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