Of Mice and Men

Story Time
April 28, 2007, 2:35 pm
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What story does George tell Lennie in Chapter 6? What does he do while telling that story? We’ve heard this story before. How is this telling different from the first time we heard it?


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In chapter 6 we hear George telling Lennie about the dream of owning a farm. He shoots Lennie while doing it. This time around George makes a lot of pauses in the story.

Comment by doplato

The story that George tell Lennie in Chapter 6 is the story about them owing a ranch/farm. While telling the story he takes the luger & shoots Lennie in the back of the head. This telling of it is different from the first time we heard it because Geroge tells Lennie to look out & that he can see it but all the otehr times he never could, also this time George pauses alot.

Comment by jjspencer

During this part of the story George talks about his and Lennie’s dreams. This time during the story he shoots Lennie. This is different from the first time because George was sad while telling it and not aggravated with Lennie.

Comment by wamanda

Georeg tells Lennie about the dream. It’s different though because George makes Lennie look away from him and tells him to picture it. George doesn’t want Lennie to see him pull out the gun and shoot him.

Comment by skatergirl55

In chapter six George tells Lennie about the story about the ranch. This time when he tells the story he tells it more slowly and less enthusiastic. While he is telling Lennie the story George shoots lennie in the back of the head

Comment by fstarr

George is telling the story about Lennie grabbing a girl’s dress back in Weed. He doesn’t go into as much detail or enthusiasm thoe.

Comment by 10kmiller

In chapter 6 George tells lennie how they would all live on the farm and would be happy. He tells it differently, with absolutely no emotion because he knows what he’s going to do and he knows he doesn’t want to but has no other choice

Comment by cghirohito

The story that George tells Lennie is the story of their big dream. While telling the story George gets ready to shoot Lennie. It’s different this time because George knows that it won’t come true.

Comment by adesi

George is telling Lennie about their nice life they dream about. This time is different because George shoots Lennie with Carlson’s Luger.

Comment by clgarland

George talls lennie about the house their gonna get. He is getting ready to kill lennie as he is telling him the story and it is different because George makes Lennie look out so he could almost see it so he can kill him.

Comment by seanfl

George tells the story about getting the ranch to Lennie. This time, he is speaking more slowly and sounds kind of nervous. George tells Lennie to look at the river and he takes out his gun when he is telling the story and he shoots Lennie in the back of the head.

Comment by emearhart

George tells the story about how they’re going to have a farm and how Lennie can tend the rabbits. George tells the story calmly and then he shoots Lennie. George told the story without showing how annoyed he was with Lennie talking about it.

Comment by davidobrien722

George tells Lennie about their dream that they were going to follow after they get enough money. When George tells this story at the end of the movie but when he tells it he’s sad while telling the story because he was sad and he knew that he had to kill Lennie before anyone else got to him.

Comment by jessicaxo

George tells Lennie about a couple of things, mainly that they were going to get their own place, and that Lennie would be able to feed the rabbitts, which probably made George extremely upset/sad, since he knew he had to kill Lennie.

Comment by busses

George tells Lennie the storie of the house that they are going to get. While he is telling him this storie he is getting th gun ready to shoot him. He is telling it differintly to make Lennie comfortable.

Comment by swgama

he tells lennie about the house the rabbits the garden the stove and every thing

Comment by jdkeller

George tells lennie the story about the house theyre going to buy. Meanwhile Groge is getting ready to shoot Lennie.

Comment by kaitlinx0

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