Of Mice and Men

Summary of Chapter 6
April 28, 2007, 2:38 pm
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Can you complete this summary quiz? Check out other chapters on that site for more practice.


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I thought this summary quiz was a good outline of the last chapter. I scored pretty well, althought I got some wrong because I missed spelled!

Comment by nb14

I though the summergy quiz is a good idea & was a good outling for chaperts 5 & 6. I did pretty good on it, i also got some wrong because i miss speled stuff jsut like np did.

Comment by jjspencer

I did very good on the quiz, the one answer was weird though, it said I was wrong but i was pretty sure i was right. It was a good review quiz.

Comment by davidobrien722

I got a 96% It says that I got the one answer wrong but the answer is Curley’s wife and it won’t take the answer.

Comment by skatergirl55

I got a 96% and the answer is Curley’s wife and thats what I put.

Comment by knwilliam

I got a 100% on the quiz. I think this was good review.

Comment by rsarah

skatergirl55,davidobrien722,knwilliam i did the same thing! I swear i was right though! but i scored relatively high the part w/ Curley’s wife gave me issues thoug.

Comment by curlygrace13

Which sentence are you talking about?

Comment by Miss Fowler

Im sure all of my answers were right but I still got a 96%. It was a great Chapter 6 summary.

Comment by clgarland

I thought the quiz was to easy. I got a hundred

Comment by fstarr

I thought this was a good outline. This would be a good study tool for the test that we have.

Comment by derrty

I thought the quiz was easy and i got 96%. I also think that it was a good reziew.

Comment by summers27

I thought the summary quiz was a good outline of the last chapter. I got a 98% on it.

Comment by jessnick1992

I think the quiz was a awesome outline for the story.I thought it was also a good review.

Comment by psgeiger

I think the quiz was a really good outline of the story! It helps put the whole chapter together.

Comment by 10kmiller

i finished it !!!!

Comment by ice165

I got a 92 %

Comment by adesi

i got a 96% but the sentence saying Curley’s wife was right but i t maked it wrong so im not sure what might be wrong with it.

Comment by doplato

doplato- The same thing happened to me. I think that there must have been a typo with the answers or something like that.

Comment by jacquiem

I thought the summary quiz was a good summary of the last part of the book.

Comment by seanfl

i got a 94% for bad grammer it was an easy quiz and it was quick

Comment by kkbruce

I miss spelled a few words so i only got a 93 on the test but other than that i didn’t have a problem with the quiz.

Comment by evanhouty

i got a 96% but it should of been a 100 because Curley’s wife is the right answer for one of the questions.

Comment by kaitlinx0

I thought the summary quiz was a good way to describe the last two chapters. I recieved a 96% on it.

Comment by emearhart

I got an 85% I thought it went over the end of the book very well. This quiz is also a good way to study.

Comment by rsborn

I got a 96% on the quiz, because of the Curley’s Wife question, oh well. This is a good way to study for the test.

Comment by busses

I got a 96% but the curley’s wife was wrong and i dont know why

Comment by mudisfun10

I got a 95% but I dont understand what i got wrong

Comment by laurenxxs

i got a 94 and it said that the one asnswer wasnt curly wife when there wasnt any other answer for it.

Comment by proxballa

I got a 96% but i should of got a 100% because one of the answers were Curlry’s wife but i got it wrong. I think that the summary quiz is perfect for the book and it was really easy. I think you did a really good job on making the summary quiz Miss. Fowler =)

Comment by jessicaxo

I not only completed the first summary quiz, but completed the rest of the summary quizzes on the site as well. Their really good practice and a great source that will help on the test coming up. I noticed that even if you spell sonme of the answers right you will get them wrong because the quizzes choices are capital sensitive!

Comment by nb14

I got a 85% but i thought that i got most of them right.

Comment by swgama

I think this summary quiz was good and was a great outline.

Comment by ferxsurexbombb

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