Of Mice and Men

April 28, 2007, 2:41 pm
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Identify one theme in Of Mice and Men and describe how it appears in the novella.


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One theme on Of Mice and Men is about friendship and who will stick with you no matter what happens. George and Lennie were friends throughout the entire book, but Lennie accidentally kills Curley’s wife. After this George decides that the only thing to do is kill him. George had stuck with Lennie for a long time but George wasn’t a true friend or he would have stuck with him again.

Comment by rsborn

One theme is to follow your dreams. Nobody in this book followed through their dream, and they should of it would of made them happy. It also shows how easily people gave up a didn’t try because of something going wrong.

Comment by doplato

rsborn – Was George attempting to protect Lennie by shooting him at the end?

Comment by Miss Fowler

I think one of the themes in this book was loneliness. In the book Candy was sort of lonely because he dog was killed by Carlson and Crooks was lonely because almost no one would talk to him because of his race. Also Curly’s wife was lonely because no one would talk to her because they thought she was a troublemaker and Lennie was sometimes lonely because he wasw the only person with a mental disability and sometimes was excluded from the activities the other farmers did.

Comment by nb14

one theme is to follow your dreams. curly’s wife always dreamed of becoming in the pictures but then she never recieved the letter she gave up on her dream and married curly. George and Lennie alwasy dreamed of having a little place of their own.

Comment by xochanel

One of the themes in the book was Dreams. This theme appers in the novel many times.One of them is the dream the Lennie & Geroge to have their own place & Curley’s wifes dream to be in the moving pictures, also known as moives.

Comment by jjspencer

A theme in the book is to have your dreams come true. This relates because everyone always dreams of having their own farm but no body ever actually goes through with it.

Comment by wamanda

A theme of the book is friendship. This relates to the book by George and Lennie have a good friendship and they both look out for each other.

Comment by fstarr

The theme i think is friendship and dreams. This relates to the book by George and Lennie having a good friendship with each other and some of the guys and that they have dreams that they want to accompolish.

Comment by jessnick1992

i baleive that the theme of the book is about friendship. this is because migrant workers are lonlry people and they are not they have each other.

Comment by ms07

A good theme in the book is friendship. It appears a lot in this book, for example, George and Lennie’s relationship, CAndy and his old dog, Candy and George at the end of the book, Lennie when he was visiting crooks in his room.

Comment by cghirohito

The main theme of the book is the friendship between George and Lennie.

Comment by clgarland

I think that loneliness is a major theme. Although at the same time another theme is not being lonely. Even though they are both quite opposite they are both expressed. I actually think that even the bigger aspect of this is to escape lonliness. Loook at Curley’s wife, Crooks, Candy, and even sometimes Lennie they all have lonliness that they try to replace ewith friendship. I think that George and Lennie are actually people who open Curley’s wife’s eyes, Candy, and Crooks’s eyes to how much better it is to have a good friend to share dreams with.

Comment by curlygrace13

One theme in Mice of Men was tension and suspense. For example when Lennie and Curly were fighting there was tension between Slim and Curly. Also Loeliness is a big factor to this book. Lennie, Cand, and Crooks all suffered loneliness. They weren’t truly wanted by the other guys.

Comment by evanhouty

Two themes in the book are friendship and lonliness. Friendship is shown because George and Lennie are bestfriends that look out for eachother. Lonliness is shown because all the guys at the ranch are lonely.

Comment by emearhart

The book was to follow our dreams. This is shown in the book because through the book all lennie wanted was to have afrm and wanted to take care of the rabbits. Sence he said that he finally got somewhere with that and that shows to fallow your dreams.

Comment by 10love

I agree with 10love. This book completely describes how you should follow your dreams. Lennie and George wanted to have the farm and they came close, but things can happen to dreams, but you need to take the chance to see if what happens is good or bad.

Comment by davidobrien722

I think 1 theme is lonliness because most of the people are lonly or want to be lonly.

Comment by swgama

I think one theme in the book was hope. We see the effects that you take when you give up hope. Curley’s wife gives up hope when she decides to give up her dream and marry Curley, another place we see hope is when George fights with Lennie about stupid things. George has hope that things are going to get better and that they are going to make out ok, because they always seem to find a way to.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

how lennie likes mice but george dont let him carry them because but lennie likes to feel soft things

Comment by jdkeller

One theme is to believe. If thats a theme but thats what alot of the book is about. George and Lennie want there own ranch someday and they soon start to believe it when Candy says he will help.

Comment by evanhouty

One theme of this book is friendship. It stayed throughout the book because Lennie and George would od anything to stya together and George did what he thinks was right fo Lennie.

Comment by ferxsurexbombb

One of the major and most prominent themes in Steinbeck’s novella, “Of Mice and Men” is dreams. The theme of dreams appears time and time again in the novella. Dreams have been a part of life across the world for millions of years. Steinbeck himself says, “Everyone in the world has a dream he knows can’t come off, but spends his life hoping it may”. Many people in the world and many of the characters in “Of Mice and Men” have dreams for the sole reason: to give them something to look forward to, during a time, The Great Depression, where there was very little for them in their everyday life at the ranch.

Comment by thenameonly

I think the theme of the book Of Mice and Men was about taking control of yourself and being ur own leader I think this because if Lennie would have been his own leader he would not be controled by George who forced him to come work at the ranch but instead he would have been able to do what he wanted and that would make George feel less powerful

Comment by Tawnya Lynn Foster

i am writing a essay on this book i neeed a bit of help.the quetion of the essay is:” how does steinbeck creates loneliness in ‘Of Mice And Men”‘

Comment by mahea024315

The importance of relationships, responsibility to others, the nature of home, respect for old age (candy), the difference between right and wrong, and the evil of oppression and abuse are all popular themes in Of Mice and Men.

Comment by Sonnys Grace

However, as far as the theme of friendship goes, I am unsure if that would be suitable for the novella. George shot Lenny in the head. Yes, he stuck with him for quite some time, but he still killed him. I sure hope my best friends wouldn’t betray me like that.

Comment by Sonnys Grace

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Explain of what is the theme about Lennie’s puppy?

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