Of Mice and Men

May 1, 2007, 3:32 pm
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What are your thoughts on the film version of Of Mice and Men?


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I thought the film version was pretty good. If I have never read the book I would have thought it was excellant. But because I read the book I thought it did not serve the book justice. It sort of skimmed thought each section of the book, skipping important parts and some of the scenes were not even in the book. I thought they should have made the movie more true to the book. A movie that was based on a book that I saw once called “Holes”, I thought was really gave justice to the book. I wish it was more like that!

Comment by nb14

I thought the film version was very good. The actors and actress were just like I pictured them. The parts of the book that were left out should have been put into the movie, especially the part where Lennie, Candy, and Curley’s wife are all in the same room. Besides that the movie was great.

Comment by rsborn

I liked to movie better than the book. When we read the book in class, i didnt realli like it because it got to confusing for me at times. The movie didnt have as many parts that in the book. The most important parts were in the movie.

Comment by 10love

I liked the book better. The movie confused me a little.

Comment by skatergirl55

The film version has some main simularities as the book but has alot more differences.

Comment by nwantoinette

I think that the film version of the movie had the main idea of the book but it left out a lot of key details that made Steinbeck’s book awesome.

Comment by laurenxxs

I like the movie, but not better than the book. There were alot of things missing from the movie that was in the book. If someone hadn’t have read the book they wouldnt have understood the movie well at all.

Comment by gdpeter

I liked the book better, the movie tried to change up some parts and it just didn’t work out. For example, when Curley’s wife was talking to George in the barn. George didn’t like Curley’s wife so why would he talk to her? Also, I feel Lennie’s death was more rushed in the movie, which made it seem not as hard for George to shoot him.

Comment by davidobrien722

i think that the video version of mice and men was a good representation. i thought it was a good movie and even though there were som e differences there were many similarities.

Comment by jalouis

i that the book was better because better eacuse there was alot more detail and wut not in it compared to the book.

Comment by proxballa

I liked the book because it used better characterization. It also portrayed a better picture in my mind.

Comment by doplato

i liked the movie alot because it outs a better picture in your mind of how things really happend.The only thing wrong with it was that it didnt have all the same things the book hade.

Comment by apeters

i thought the book wasnt as good as the movie because the book was more confusing. The movie also put a picture in my head. But i thought the book was more detailed then the movie and the movie was quicker.

Comment by summers27

I didn’t get to see the movie because i was sick but i wish i was able to see it am im sure that it was good.

Comment by swgama

I enjoyed watching the film and being able to hear what the characters mood was really like but I liked the book better.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

It s similar to the book but missed some key parts. Overall I thought it was ok.

Comment by timmypp

I like the movie but i didn’t think it was as good as the book. I think they rushed things and they missed some key parts.

Comment by lilfragale1723

I find that the movie is way better than the book because it has better ways to keep me focused

Comment by rwpollock

i liked but they change things around like in the book when slim checks curleys wife but in the movie curley check his wife but of the most part i thought the movie was good

Comment by jdkeller

i thought the book was better because it seemed to give more detail…but the movie was more dramatic and brought a new aspect from the book.

Comment by sortisio92

I think the film version was better than the book, but the book was better in some parts because it described things better.

Comment by ferxsurexbombb

I think the book is better because the movie left alot out. It showed alot of the emotion in the movie thought.

Comment by evanhouty

I thought it represented the book good. But i thought some characters were different lie george, he was more aggressive with lennie than in the book.

Comment by kaitlinx0

I thought it represented the book good. But i thought some characters were different like george, he was more aggressive with lennie than in the book.

Comment by kaitlinx0

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