Of Mice and Men

March 28, 2007, 12:27 pm
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What animals have been mentioned in the book thus far, and how are they regarded? Are they respected? Explain  your answers.


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The only real big animal that has been mentioned so far is mice. There are respected because Lennie likes them and also likes to kill them. Lennie has a past of liking mice and are so far a big part of why Lennie and George got into a fight.

Comment by swgama

No animals have been mentioned besides mice. Mice play a main role in this book because Lennie likes the texture of their fur.

Comment by wamanda

I agree mice are important and mentioned a lot in chapert 1 tehy are what Lennie calls his pets and loves to pet them but since there so small he kills them easily. In chapter 2 dogs are also mentioned. Theres alot of them on the farm and one just had babies. Lennie wantes to have one of them and thats how the chapter ends, im not sure how they are respected yest.

Comment by doplato

The only animal that has been mentioned in the book is mice. Mice is the only animal because Lennie likes to pet them and he likes the texture of it.

Comment by 10love

The animal that has been mentioned in the book is mice, which is the animal that Lennie likes to pet the fur. Yes it’s respected because Lennie will do whatever he can to get a mouse.

Comment by knwilliam

The animals i remember mentioned in this book were mice, and dogs. The mice were Lennie’s upsession, and the boss had a really old dog that smelled. Also one of their cabin mates has a dog that just had pups.

Comment by kligsfosho

The most talked about animals are mice. Lennie likes to pet them but usually ends up killing them on accident. I think that he might get in trouble for his fetish of softness.

Comment by DavidOBrien722

The only animal mentioned in the book so far was the mouse. The mouse belonged to Lenny and it was dead. Lenny loves his dead mouse and will do whatever to keep it.

Comment by emearhart

Mice are the most talked about because so far all we hear is Lennies talking about how he loves how soft mice are and how George criticizes him for killing too many mice

Comment by seanfl

I agree with George that mice are not good pets and you shouldnt have them. Then i see that Lennie really wants this mouse and its important to him so i think that if he takes care of it then he can keep it.

Comment by Derrty

Two other animals besides mice have been mentioned, even in chapter 1. What does Lennie want? What does George suggeste he get?

Comment by Miss Fowler


Comment by timmypp


Comment by timmypp

The only animals that have been introudced are mice and how lennie likes them and likes to kill them, Im not really sure why though.

Comment by janisd

I think that they only mentioned mice in the first chapter .

Comment by psgeiger

The animals that have been mentioned so far are mice and rabbits. Lennie loves anythink soft or that he can touch, so we know that Lennie loves rabbits and mice.

Comment by blueyedbabiix022

The animals that I can remember in the story so far have been mice, rabbits, and Candy’s dog. Mice and rabbits are what Lennie loves because they are so soft and Lennie loves to pet them. Candy’s dog is refered to when Candy is cought spying on George and Lennie and it is a really old dog

Comment by seanfl

Another animal mentioned is rabbits, because that is Lennies dream to own rabbits on a farm.

Comment by doplato

The animals mentioned so far in the book are mice and rabbits. These animals are mentioned because these are the animals Lennie likes to touch.

Comment by wamanda

They mentioned one of the worker’s old dog and also another worker’s dog who is about to have puppies. I don’t think the old dog is respected because he doesn’t seem to be taken care of very well. They have also mentioned mice and Lennie respects the mice, dead or alive.

Comment by laurenxxs

blueyedbabiix022 – Thanks for bringing up the rabbits!

laurenxxs – thanks for remembering about the dog. Who does he belong to?

Comment by Miss Fowler

They talk about mice rabbits and dogs. George says that he migth get lennie a dog because he can pet them harder than mice.

Comment by curlygrace13

the dog in the book belongs to candy …………… i think

Comment by epszczolkowski

they talk about mice, rabbits & dogs. George tells Lennie that he might get him a dog so when he pets it hard it won’t die like the mice. Lennie & George dream of haveing rabbitts, different colored ones at it. I would have to say they kinda of are and kinda of are not respected, they are because Lennie lennie likes to pet the mice, & that shows respect and care, but they are not because Lennie kills them while petting them. As for the dogs & rabbitts i would say yes they are respected because they say alot of good things about them.

Comment by jjspencer

There haven’t been to many animals that were mentioned, but I have heard of mice, rabbits, Candy’s dog, cattle and bugs and critters in the cots. Candy’s dog is respected by Candy and not really respected by George. Lennie kills all the mice, he respects them but is unaware that he is hurting them. It seems like the animals are important on the ranch so I would think that they are respected.

Comment by rsborn

Some animals that we’ve seen in the novel so far are mice, Candy’s dog, cattle on the ranch, and rabbits. These animals are treated with respect by their owners and most are able to run free. Lennie usually ends up killing the mice but not on purpous. He just doesn’t know his own strength.

Comment by adesi

The animals mentioned in the book so far are mice and dogs. Lennie is known to accidently kill mice and the dogs were on a farm.

Comment by nwantoinette

The animals in the book so far are mice, dogs and the rabbits that Lennie wants on his ranch.Lennie likes the mice because he like the feel of there fur.

Comment by FSTARR

The animals metioned so far were mice, that were usually given to Lennie by his Aunt. But Lennie usually kills them because when they bit him, he squeezes them too hard and kills them. The other animals metioned are rabbits, which both Lennie and George want to have. Lastly, they metion dogs because Lennie can pet them without hurting them and always wanted one. Candy owns a old dog and a worker at the ranch just got new puppies, but the worker said if he can’t find good homes for most of them he will kill them.

Comment by nb14

There were teo animals in the book so far, mice and dogs
the mouse is look ed at in a good way, well at least from lenies point of view, and the dog is looked at in both good and bad, the old dog, and the younger dog that had a litter of puppies

Comment by cghirohito

the dead moue as being well dead and he rabbits as being soft plus candys dog as being stinky and slow

Comment by kkbruce

In the book so far, there have been three animals mentioned. One was a mouse/ or mice, second there was the mentioning of rabbits, and third there was a dog mentioned. Lennie wants to get mice, because he likes to pet them. Rabbits are what Lennie wants to get when he and George own their own ranch. Candy owns a dog and George suggests that he get one for Lennie. Most of these animals are respected.


I don’t think a football would make a very good Christmas present.

Comment by nw61

A dog was mentioned in the story. Curley is very connected to the dog because he has been around it for so long. Lennie likes to pet mice because they are soft. There are also pups. Lennie gets to have one since George threw away his mouse. The animals are respected, except for by Slim. Slim want’s too shoot the dog.

Comment by 10kmiller

Lennie likes mice and he respects them but George does not. He likes the mice because they are soft and he likes to pet them as he walks. Candy has a dog and he likes and respects him but Carlson doesn;t he wants to shoot the dog. Slim’s dog just had a litter but he keeps killing the puppies so he doesn’t have to keep them. The dog is respected but it’s puppies aren’t.

Comment by jacquiem

I agree with Geroge that mice arent pets. Then when i see Lennie and how much he cares for them i thiink he should be able to keep his mice.

Comment by derrty

Animals mentioned in this book have been Mice, Candy’s dog, and rabbits. Lennie finds mince to hold and pet but he kills them because he doesn’t know his own strength. Candy’s dog is old and has been with Candy since a puppy. And Lennie is obsessed with rabbits and wants to tend them one day when they get their ranch.

Comment by rachypachy

I think that Lennie shoudent be able to take care of any animals because he dosen’t even know how to take care of an animal let alon a animal.

Comment by rwpollock

the only animal mentioned so far in the book is mice. lennie loves mice because they are soft and he likes to touch soft things.

Comment by xochanel

the only animal mentioned sofar is mice and george talked to lennie about how he alwasy kills them.

Comment by sortisio92

mice are the only animal mentioned so far and lennie likes to pet them and he accidentally kills them

Comment by apeters

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